Proverbs & Psalms

As a part of ManSchool this Spring, Robin Carr has challenged us to become Proverbs Men & Psalms Men.  Here is his call…


I have a goal.  Making or encouraging “Proverbs Men” and “Psalms Men”.  The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, “Give thanks unto the LORD for HE is good and His mercy is everlasting.”

Committed.  Passionate.  Humbly fierce.  Dangerous!

We need both Proverbs & Psalms in our thinking and in our doing.  So how do I pursue this goal?  Get 3 or 4 men to join you in focusing on 3 verses or a chapter or section each week.  Three verses as thoughts for your day/week.  Meditate on these.  Let them soak in.  Respond to the others you have in your group.

How?  Maybe a meeting or maybe not.  Maybe a monthly email or breakfast.  Really thinking outside the box, maybe you actually write an old fashioned letter and drop it in the mail to your men.  For those of you in ManSchool, this is a great way to draw other men into our community.  It is also a great way for your small group to stay in connection through the week.  Or it could be three men you work with or friends from other churches.  It could be men from around the world.

We have been blessed and it is time to spread the blessing.  Men should be getting dangerously courageous.  If this adventure resonates with you, please join in this quest.

The God of Angel Armies is wide awake, and so are the strong, mighty, fierce and fearless angels in His command.  I feel rather small in this.  If God is in it, who knows?




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