Wide Awake

This morning, we kicked off our study of Wide Awake.  If you were unable to attend, we just covered the intro.  Next week, we’ll start the first chapter on “Dreaming”.  Read pages 3-19.  Here are the slides from this morning…wide awake 1

We showed this commercial today…

It’s a call to authentic manhood, to the power of owning a knife, to the power of facing trouble rather than running from it.  It is a call to live “OUTWARD” not consume “inward” like so many of us have the tendency to do.

This entire process of living “Wide Awake” is going to be about finding the hero inside you and living outward.  We gave out our first LiveUP Hero award this morning to Ronnie Brooks.  Ronnie is 67 and got up Saturday morning and filled a backpack.  He packed 6 bottles of water, two sandwiches, his knife (!), a roll of toilet paper and some snacks.  He went to Golden Acres Baptist and climbed up on the railroad track running by the church and set out for Salem.  Ronnie walked that track for 6 hours and covered almost 18 miles.  It was a “bucket list” item for him and he did it!  6 hours alone with God, the deer, the hawks, one big train and clear blue cool morning sky.   This summer he and his son are going to kayak down the Chattahoochee.  I asked him “how far?“.  And he said, “I don’t know…far as we go, we’re going to camp out along the way and fight some gators!”  So Ronnie got our “Hero” award for dreaming big and conquering a challenge.

There is a hero inside each of you just waiting to be awakened.  The world needs you at your best.  If you choose to live a diminished life, it’s not only you who loses, but the world loses and humanity loses.  We’re not talking about heroic actions that draw attention and notoriety to you – no, we’re talking living a life of significance, a life of what you do for others.

Then we talked about Carver as just one example.  What we do down there is great but are we just barely touching these young men and moving on?  Is there more to do?  Do they suffer with fatherlessness and a lack of hope?  For many of them, are they convinced that the path of their life is almost set at winding up either in jail or in an early death?  Have they bought the lie that they are of no real value and there is no real hope for a better life?  The other day I was at lunch at Jimmy Johns and a young worker there walked up with a big smile and said, “Hey, I used to play for Carver, it is good to see you again.”  As he started to walk off, I called him back and asked him for an update.  He said he’d gone to West Georgia, things didn’t work out and now he is working trying to “get back on track“.  And it struck me, “We’re not done with Carver at those weekly meals“.  There is so much more we can do.  This young man still needs a coach, needs a nudge, needs some guidance.  I’m going to Jimmy Johns once a week to establish more of a relationship with him.

These young men have incredible value.  They are beautiful people.  They are created in the image of God and the culture is beating the fool out of them.  And we know it.  We know it and it is right here in our backyard.  What are we going to do about it?  Just whom do we expect to fix this?  The government?  Heck, the government probably “is” the problem.  How can we see the need and just sit by and let it fester?

This is living OUTWARD.  It is living beyond self.  It is working and striving and sweating and crying and if we can change just one young man’s life, every ounce of energy was worth it.  So I leave you with this interview with Coach Pete Carroll.  It is so powerful.  I strongly encourage you to watch this.  I saw this when it originally aired and it is the single reason why I got involved with Carver.  Here is a man that lived OUTWARD, found the hero inside and made an incredible impact in the lives of young men in the projects of LA…


2 thoughts on “Wide Awake

  1. I have been thinking more about living intentionally, and “investing” my time rather than “spending” it, living outward rather than inward, and I reflected on the desires of my heart. It was a good thing to do. Some of them are generic, some more specific to God’s calling and giftings. Now, I couldn’t have done this during the busy of the day, but I was outside enjoying the quiet and beauty of creation and enjoying the breeze. I allowed myself to be still not thinking of anything being more important than being with the most important One. These things came bubbling up, I scratched them down without editing, without critically thinking about them, or attempting to apply my logic – these came from my heart, and God put them there.

    I desire to enjoy my family as a gift from God I desire to be an inspiring and optimistic leader at work I desire to see people come to know Christ at work I desire to see my children know and love Christ I desire to support Gods call for my wife, children, and family I desire to show love to my family more often in tangible ways I desire to see me set free from fear I desire to see my family set free from… I desire to see my relatives in a right relationship with God I desire to be free and joyful in trusting God with my life, with my career, and have courage to step into what he’s calling me to I desire to see orphans be loved and cared for in a family I desire to see the spiritually hungry be fed I desire to use my accounting, finance, and business skills for good and for the less fortunate

    The list goes on, but this is my portion for now.

    God has built for me a strong foundation in Christ and I intend to live my days in His will.

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