ManSchool this Wednesday

If you have not been coming to ManSchool, it is not too late to join us.  We have 35-40 men coming and we’ve yet to really jump into Wide Awake.  If God is nudging you to come, PLEASE don’t ignore this nudge.  Follow His lead.  You can come this week for the first time and you won’t have missed a thing.

We were going to jump into Chapter one of the book this week but I am led to deviate.  I have received a clear message – a strong nudge – that we need to take a first step to prepare for Wide Awake because I am convinced if we are not doing what we’re going to discuss on Wednesday, Wide Awake will not happen.  In fact, I am convinced if we fail to do this, our walk will not be effective at all and we’ll be susceptible to falling and failing.  We live in a world at war and if we miss this step, we’re fighting a losing battle.

It’s that crucial.

And I’ll tell you, I am not doing this yet either.  So I don’t come this week with a “holier than thou, I’ve got this figured out” message – no – I come confessing, I am falling short in this regard.

But I will tell you that just in the past 4-5 days when God has laid this on my heart, I know it is true, I know it is powerful and I WANT IT.  It makes so much sense and it just works and I’ve not been taking the offer right in front of me.  But I pray I will start and remain.

Many things led me to this nudge and the nudge was confirmed three different ways and sealed with a comment Mark Sivak made this morning on an earlier blog post – he tasted exactly what we’re going to be talking about.

Please make every effort to attend.  This one is a crucial step, a crucial building block in what it is God is calling us to as a community of men seeking to LiveUP/LiveOUTWARD.


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