Carver = a HUGE success

Last night was an amazing success.  So many men pitched in and worked so very hard and we blessed the Carver family – which is our family.  From Brad’s small group that moved 1/2 the chairs on Wednesday night to Billy Gross working behind the scenes to help me coordinate to Janell Nielson helping coordinate decorations with Jeff Hampton to the 8-9 men there on Friday night to set up to the 40-50 men that were there yesterday from as early as 1pm until as late as 10pm, we all moved mountains!  Thanks to Coy Nichols for running the grills and to Ryan Walker, Frank Brown and Jimmy Bone for helping cook the steaks.  The most special thanks HAS to go to Jerome Harrell who works like a team of horses yet works with the quiet heart of a servant.  None of this would happen without Jerome.  Lastly, Garrett Dumler and Sid Sayler coordinated the clean-up and restoration of the sanctuary.  To all of you that helped, a HUGE THANK YOU !!!

this picture captures so much of our mission to LiveUP and  LiveOUTWARD


here are some more…




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