Dreaming (1)

This morning we started into Wide Awake – but we diverged a bit.  McManus just published a new book (The Artisan Soul) and he is now doing a sermon series on the book.  On his website, http://www.mosaic.org you can click on podcasts and click on the March 2 episode to see what we watched this morning.

I saw this last week and was stirred that we should see it before we “truly” launch into this notion of Dreaming because just like our last divergence into John Eldredge’s talk on the vine and tapping into the Life of God daily, it needed to be done before we could venture into Dreaming.  If we aren’t attached to the Vine and drawing upon the Life of God and if we don’t understand what we discussed this morning, we’re not going to be able to dream.  Today we dealt with some of the obstacles to dreaming with God

Most of us wonder if God forgot us when He was passing around talent, gifts, capacity, creativity and intelligence. It just seems life comes so much easier for others.  And we begin to believe that God used all these extraordinary people in the Bible to accomplish His plans.  But the fact is, those people were in reality very ordinary and God used them to do extraordinary things.

Think no further than Moses – he should never have amounted to anything.  He survived a genocide designed to kill him and put in a river by his parents.  He was adopted by the daughter of the man who sought to kill him.  Later he killed a man and ran and hid for 40 years.  He ran not only from who he was but also from who he was to become.  And yet, God found him and did extraordinary things through him.  God indeed uses ordinary people.

And then, there is the pain we’ve been through, the experiences, the wounds that cut deep, the failures that we’ve known create this space for doubt and fear to come in.  We all have our heartaches, hurts and mistakes and we’ve let them build fear and doubt in us.  We’ve let them tell us, “you’re just ordinary, no way God can use you for anything”.

As a small child, we were special.  We dreamed, imagined, pretended and we created.  Our brains were learning machines.  And then, at about 12, we started to conform, fit in and standardize.  You know teenagers – the last thing they want is to standout so they do everything they can to blend in and fit what their peers expects.

The same is true for us spiritually – at some point we shut off the dreamer, the imagination and we conform to religion and rules and we go stale.  We live an ordinary and hollow life.  We deny our creativity and imagination and religion very much wants to conform us.  It wants to take young men and shape them into these dutiful, good, compliant beings. Rules become more important than creativity and imagination.  And we live an ordinary, hollow life sitting on the banks of the river not daring to get back into the white water.

But God has an amazing way – when you begin to entrust Him with your life and begin to realize that there is something in you that only He can awaken – to rewrite your story from the ordinary to the extraordinary.  Yes each of you – you are extraordinary.  Who are you going to believe?  The enemy who has capitalized upon the pain in your life or the Creator of the Universe who dreamed you up with unique gifts, skills and talents.  The Master Artist created you as a Masterpiece.

You are a playground for God to whisper into your soul the person you can become and the future you can create.

You ARE God’s creative instrument for the creating the future only He can imagine.

It is time for you to stop settling for “less” and to KNOW you are “more”.

It’s up to you to decide whether you will live your most extraordinary life.

Come next week and we’ll dive into Dreaming.  Until then, DreamBIG and LiveUP!


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