Never too late to dream…

Mark Rutland shares this from his book, Dream

“I met a retired missionary, now confined to a wheelchair, who has organized a spare room in her little house as a veritable war room, a prayer factory filled with energy and purpose.  On seven tables along the walls are the photos of missionaries.  She rolls her wheelchair from table to table, station to station as it were, praying for dozens of missionaries every day.  Every week she prays for the names and faces on all seven tables.  In the end of the room is her computer, on which she keeps up a phenomenal worldwide e-mail correspondence with missionaries on every continent.  “I had to come home”, she told me.  “I could come home angry or embrace reality and find new joy in a new dream.  I love this.  I love this room.  I love what I do here.  For ten years I dreamed of being a missionary to South America.  For forty years, I did it.  I touched one country, actually only a small part of one country.  When I came home, I needed a dream, a bigger one.  I got it.  I touch the whole world every day.” 

Some go stale and bitter holding on to the wrong dream or even the right dream for too long.  Keep on dreaming.  The most dangerous moment in anyone’s life is the day a dream comes true and there is no new one to replace it.  (and I’ll add – or when a man wakes to realize he has no dream no longer possesses any capacity to dream)   It was when King David’s dreams came true that his passion needed and found a new and destructive object in Bathsheba.  His dream fulfilled, David was easy prey to temptation.”

In the wake of victory, find a new dream.  Find relational dreams, dreams of ministry, mission or mercy, but dream bigger, dream deeper.  Dream and dream again.”

DreamBIG.  LiveUP.


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