who are you listening to?

This Wednesday,  we will be talking about this topic – whose voice are you listening to?

You were created in the image of God – “after our likeness”.  You were made “like God”.  In His image.  And then a new voice entered the scene and the serpent told Eve that God didn’t want them to eat the fruit because if they did, they would be “like God”.

So God didn’t want me to eat this fruit because I would be “like God” and yet I was originally created to be “like God”?  That makes no sense.  Exactly.

The serpent tricked them and … a new voice entered the scene and from that moment on, we have let other voices into our soul telling us all that we are “not” and that we are “less”.  For some of us the voices are so powerful we think it is our own voice talking.  We’ve lost our own voice.

You are here.  You’ve had those voices speak into your soul telling you you’ll never be a man, you’ll always fail, no one will ever truly love you, you can’t depend or trust anyone, etc.  Enough of this and eventually, you’ve come to believe it and you’ve even started saying these things yourself.  You’ve lost your voice.

That’s what we are going to unpack on Wednesday.  It’s a powerful talk that you don’t want to miss.  It will bless you and open your soul to some incredible healing if you will allow the Spirit to speak truth into you.

Join us at 6am…


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