let it go…worship the Lord…

College kids worship the Lord.  They are too young to know that it isn’t civilized to let it go and worship.  So…they worship.  They are unencumbered, they are free.  We adults, on the other hand are too introspective, too self-absorbed, too hurt, too wounded, too bound-up and therefore, too tame.  We have made religion all about being safe, wealthy, “blessed”, riskless, predictable, manageable.  We’ve made it all about “me”.

Where on earth did we get that notion from?  Look at Abraham, Sarah, Moses, Joseph, Esther, Daniel – all of them snatched from comfort and safety and the life they knew and thrust into radical dependence of God.  Where did we come to believe that a life of faith was supposed to be predictable and safe?  What’s the cost of that belief?  Everything.

We talked this morning about the Love of God – Oh how He loves us.  God did not give it all through His Son on the Cross this Friday so you can be a “nice guy” or a “good, dutiful Christian businessman”.  He gave it all for reason…for His love of you.  He loves you.  Radically.

And so, worship Him.  Just freaking worship Him.  If only for one reason and one reason alone, because He loves you.

Kari Jobe was in Opelika last week and as she started the concert she called those that wanted to come up front.  The college students rushed to the front and just let go in worshipping the Father.  They are too young to know this wasn’t civilized.  I want that.  From now on, I want that.  Who cares?  Who am I trying to impress with my civility?  He loves me.  He gave it all for me.  I get to wake up every day and just worship and celebrate Him and feel His love and pleasure with me.  I am a Masterpiece.  His is the Voice I am going to listen to.  He alone is worthy of praise.

So we closed with this song.  Pray these words over you today and the days to come as we prepare for Good Friday and beyond.  We stood this morning at our close.  Some of us “sort of” danced.  Many of us lifted our hands and let these words drench us with His love.  Personalize these words…

“I am your church.  I am your son.  I am gathered here to meet with you.  I lift my eyes.  I lay my heart before you expectant here for you to move.  With my hands to the heaven alive in your presence oh God when you come.  So pour out your Spirit.  I love to be near you oh God when you come.  You are the way, the truth and the life I live for.  Oh how I long to know you more.  Come like a rushing wind.  Come light my fire again.  Come like a burning flame.  Have your way in me.  Have your way.”

rock it out.  turn it up.  don’t hold back.  just worship.  just worship…


4 thoughts on “let it go…worship the Lord…

  1. It’s funny how God speaks sometimes. I read this this this morning from Christine Cain. It goes with what McManus was saying about our core. Not our physical core but our religious core.

    As sharers of God’s light, we choose the intensity of the light that we shine into our world. The strength of our spiritual core actually determines whether we are a faint flickering candle, a 75-watt light bulb, or a stadium spotlight. If our core is weak, broken and fragmented, then our light is dimmed, impeding our effectiveness in sharing Christ’s light. The degree to which we allow the light of Christ to transform our own lives determines how far our light shines in a dark world.

    It will take each and every one of us to personally rise up and take our light into the darkness around us. Instead of hiding from the world or being overwhelmed by the evil of it, we need to strengthen our spiritual cores and trust in the power of God’s Spirit at work in us.

  2. Vision: I see the whole congregation worshiping with abandon led by the men – sparked by the men in this room – sing aloud your favorite worship song and let Holy Spirit breathe words into your song. Sing loud, sing quietly and hear Him sing along with you, sing exuberantly – full of joy and excitement. SHOUT! REJOICE! He is Alive! He is risen!!!

  3. This morning was a great session! I was listening and contemplating on the words of Kari Jobe’s song, “Come Like a rushing wind, Come light the fire again, come like a burning flame, have your way”. My first thought was, wind and fire…that’s a dangerous combination and can do a lot of damage…and this is how we want God coming to us?!

    Then I began to think about burning land; the wind helps the flames stay lit and move in the direction you want it to go. Burning the land helps clean up all the junk underbrush and can actually keep the soil healthy. But we do with God what we do on the land; we build firebreaks to keep the flames from reaching certain parts of the land. We should want God’s flames to be all consuming but we don’t want God reaching certain areas of our lives; our relationships, our attitudes, our jobs, etc., so we build firebreaks and keep God out.

    If we want God to clean up the messy underbrush in our lives and to make our souls healthy again, we have to let the flame burn, with no firebreaks, and let God ‘have His way’. And yes, this combination of wind and fire can be dangerous but God is in control. It’s best to get out of the way before we get “burned”!

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