it is still not too late…

Saturday night – we still have a handful of slots available.  50+ people are coming!  It’s going to be a great night.

We can fit a few more in so if you have this nudge that you should be coming, just let me know below in the comment section and we can make it work.

Childcare – no one let me know they needed childcare so haven’t arranged for it.  Just FYI.  If you were counting on it, you need to let me know below ASAP.

Looking forward to celebrating with you all.



reservations for Saturday night

Guys, it’s not too late to RSVP for next Saturday night’s wrap up of ManSchool.  6pm til 8pm in the Milgen Room.  Jerome Harrell is catering the food and the Celebrate Recovery Band with Patrick Grant will lead us in worship.  Many of you have RSVP’d and there is a chance I’ve missed your reservation, so check me on this.

We’d love to have you join us.  Here is who I have signed up so far…

Rob Deloach                       Mark Alberici + wife            Ronnie Locklear + wife

Derrick Shields + wife      Jimmy Bone + wife              Patrick Grant + wife

Ryan Walker + wife          Robin Carr + wife                 Adam Keller + wife

Ron Smith+ wife               Bill Gaddy + wife                  Andy Thornton + wife

Michael Wood + wife       Richard Illges + wife            Oscar Morzan

Kerry Williams + wife      Sonny Howell + wife           Benjy Lamb + wife

Mark Sivak + wife             David Burnell + wife           Jay Hoffstetter

James Leatherwood + wife     Bryan Donaldson + girlfriend    Justin Krieg +wife

Don Campbell                    Adam Patton


That’s roughly 25 men.  We’ve been having 30-35 coming this Spring so there are still  few men that we haven’t heard from (a few have said they can’t come).

So…Can you join us?

Wide Awake – Invest

wide awake – invest   < are the slides

This week, we finished the book Wide Awake focusing on the concept of “Invest”.  Of course, next Saturday night, we’ll wrap it up at our special event  (see earlier posts).

You cannot live a “God-sized” dream alone.  To live a dream, you cannot live it without others.  If the dream is bigger than you, then well, it’s bigger than you — you need to draw upon others.   You need community.

Community is illusive.  We all have this deep human longing for it but it requires relational skills that many of us don’t possess.  We’ve never been shown how.  Perhaps our fathers were loners or “self-made” men.  Whatever the case may be, it is hard to have community.  But, you need people in your life and you need to give your life to people.

David had his close-knit community of three men and then a broader group of thirty.  But the “three”, that’s where we need to focus.  They poured their lives into one another.  The three were devoted and loyal to David.  They knew David had their back.  The Philistines were camped in Bethlehem and at one point, David longed for water drawn from the well at the gate of Bethlehem.  It wasn’t a need, it was a desire.  His “three” risked their lives and ventured deep into enemy territory and brought back water from the well as a gift to David.  He poured the water out “before the Lord” because he was blown away by the act of devotion and knew he wasn’t worthy of such risk.  They were willing to relinquish their dreams to help David see his come true.

Who has three friends that would do this?

Community doesn’t happen by accident.  When you commit your life to others, strangely, they begin to commit to you.  But what comes first?  You committing to them.  You pouring yourself into helping them achieve their dreams even if that means it comes at a cost to you…and it will.  Community costs.  You have to give of yourself and put others ahead.  But the reward is rich.

Everything wars against community.  It’s easy to keep relationships on the surface, keep it superficial and to have many acquaintances but no real friends.  And because it is hard and opposed, some of us are trying to make the biggest difference in the world by ourselves.

Who has four friends that would carry our broken body miles on a mat to find Jesus in a home. lift him onto the roof, tear a hole in the roof and lower their friend to the feet of Jesus?  They cared far more about his healing than getting their prayers answered.  Who has a friend like this?

The real question is, who is a friend like this?  Most of us spend our lives figuring out how to get more for us instead of how to give more of us.  Have you missed the secret of living Wide Awake?  It is — Give your life away in helping others see their dreams and the life that is locked away deep inside of you will burst forth and become your calling.

Value people + Invest in others

Will you give yourself and invest in others?  Will you lose your life for His sake?  The greatest investment you can make is in people.  What you have not been able to accomplish alone, you can accomplish together!

Invest.  Put others first.  Live in Community.  It is what we are doing in ManSchool.  Does it cost?  Yes, you’ve got to get up at 5am to get to the church at 6am.  Is it convenient?  No.  You have to open up and drop the mask and offer yourself to other men to help pull them from the rubble of their own making.  Is it easy?  No.  But remember, “To live the life that takes your breath away, you’re going to have to get winded.”  If you want community, it is there for the taking.  Amazing things are happening in our tribe.  It is real.  It is powerful.  It is a blessing.


Next Saturday Night – more details, it gets even better!

So far, about 15 men and their wives/guests have signed up.  We have had 35-40 men in ManSchool this spring so there are still 20+ men I’ve yet to hear from.  Next Saturday night, May 31st 6pm-8pm in the Milgen Room, we’re going to have a ManSchool wrap up.  I think something special is going to happen.  Most men are bringing their wives and there is already a buzz about what could happen as our women see what we’ve been doing in ManSchool.

As you know, Patrick Grant and the Celebrate Recovery band will be our musical entertainment.  They’ll lead us in worship and then close us out.

We’ll recap the Wide Awake call and we’ll touch on some of the key moments.  If you only came to a few of these and feel you missed out, this will be a great chance to hear it all again and reconnect.

Menu change– we’re going to “nice” this thing up some.  Country’s is out.  Jerome Harrell is in.  Jerome will cater the meal and he does an incredible job.  There will be a much more appealing offering especially for our women.  We’re even going to have table cloths!

I’m excited by this wrap up.  It is a way to thank you for being a part of this community, this band of brothers.  To thank you for “investing” and pouring into ManSchool.  It is a great way to add some fuel to fire for next fall when we kick back off and invite other men into this.  (by the way, we will do some form of a lite Summer ManSchool so we can stay connected in the interim)

Childcare?  We don’t want childcare to be an issue that keeps any man away.  If you really want to come but don’t have childcare, comment below and we’ll arrange to have childcare present for kids under 10.

We want you to come.  Please respond below to let us know.  This is all free-of-charge to you funded via the men’s ministry budget.  It is a gift, an investment in you.  Come.


Saturday May 31st … Are you????

Please see the previous post on our special wrap up ManSchool session on Saturday night May 31st from 6pm – 8pm at the church.

So far, just 8 men have RSVP’d — those I have are — Michael Wood, Adam Keller, Robin Carr, Ryan Walker, Patrick Grant, Jimmy Bone, Derrick Shields and Richard Illges – and all are bringing their wives.

We have 30-35 men each week so there are a LOT of you yet to respond.  I need a headcount so we can order the food.  Please comment below and let me know if you are coming and if you are bring your wife or, if unmarried, your girlfriend.


Special ManSchool – Saturday May 31st

Next week we have our last scheduled ManSchool talking about “Invest” from McManus’ book, Wide Awake.  “Invest” is about the importance of community.

In the spirit of community, we will wrap up ManSchool on Saturday, May 31st from 6pm – 8pm in the Milgen Room at the Church.  We will have Country’s cater the meal and the Celebrate Recovery band will lead us in worship.  Patrick Grant…yes, the legendary Patrick Grant will rock the vocals.  I can’t wait.

We will summarize and wrap up this study on Wide Awake that night.  Great music, awesome food and a real time of community, this brotherhood of men, gathered, celebrating and enjoying this life.

Oh…and wiveswe want you to bring your wife (or lady friend if you’re not married).  Or if you are single and just want to come alone, that’s totally fine.  We want to have a ManSchool session and let our wives sit in and join us.  I want them to see what it is you’ve been doing on Wednesday mornings and want them to participate with us.

We’ll go through a summary of the entire book and a summary of the last chapter and when we are done, we’re going to open the floor and let those men that would like to speak talk about what ManSchool has meant to them or what thing of significance the Lord has taught you during this process.  And we’ll invite the ladies to speak to what they’ve seen transpiring in you.

It should be great.

That is two weeks from this Saturday — so not much time to think about it.  If you’ve been coming this Spring and participating in ManSchool – and we’ve had 30-35 men there most every week — this is for you.  Can you come?

I need an RSVP below in the comment so I can order the food.  Please come.  It’ll be a great way to wrap up this series which has been a great call to live Wide Awake!

Worry vs. Joy…

this morning we discussed “Joy” and I’ll put another post up later summarizing.

but here is some food for thought…

Worrying is carrying tomorrow’s load with today’s strength.

It is carrying two days at once.

It is moving into tomorrow ahead of time.

Worrying doesn’t empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.

It is awfully hard to enjoy “joy”, enjoy the Lord, enjoy creation if we are carrying worry.  Worry is the enemy of joy.  Well, the enemy of joy is truly the enemy – the foul one – he hates your joy and will do whatever he can to steal, kill and destroy your joy.  You help in that regard by holding onto worry.  Tomorrow’s worries need to remain there, in tomorrow.  If you borrow them and bring them into today, all you are doing is robbing today of your strength.  Take it one day at a time.  Each day offers a fresh start and a new set of opportunities and challenges.  Take it as it comes.  Don’t borrow trouble.  Don’t invite future potential worries (after all, many of the things we worry about never come to pass) into today.  Don’t worry.  Enjoy.  Feel the joy of the Lord.  You get to wake up today and feel His joy.  You get to enjoy Him and feel Him enjoying you.  God does enjoy you.  He isn’t ticked off with you.  He isn’t distant, far off and removed.  He created you.  He gifted you.  He designed you.  So…He enjoys you.

Believe that.  Enjoy it.