Special ManSchool – Saturday May 31st

Next week we have our last scheduled ManSchool talking about “Invest” from McManus’ book, Wide Awake.  “Invest” is about the importance of community.

In the spirit of community, we will wrap up ManSchool on Saturday, May 31st from 6pm – 8pm in the Milgen Room at the Church.  We will have Country’s cater the meal and the Celebrate Recovery band will lead us in worship.  Patrick Grant…yes, the legendary Patrick Grant will rock the vocals.  I can’t wait.

We will summarize and wrap up this study on Wide Awake that night.  Great music, awesome food and a real time of community, this brotherhood of men, gathered, celebrating and enjoying this life.

Oh…and wiveswe want you to bring your wife (or lady friend if you’re not married).  Or if you are single and just want to come alone, that’s totally fine.  We want to have a ManSchool session and let our wives sit in and join us.  I want them to see what it is you’ve been doing on Wednesday mornings and want them to participate with us.

We’ll go through a summary of the entire book and a summary of the last chapter and when we are done, we’re going to open the floor and let those men that would like to speak talk about what ManSchool has meant to them or what thing of significance the Lord has taught you during this process.  And we’ll invite the ladies to speak to what they’ve seen transpiring in you.

It should be great.

That is two weeks from this Saturday — so not much time to think about it.  If you’ve been coming this Spring and participating in ManSchool – and we’ve had 30-35 men there most every week — this is for you.  Can you come?

I need an RSVP below in the comment so I can order the food.  Please come.  It’ll be a great way to wrap up this series which has been a great call to live Wide Awake!


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