Next Saturday Night – more details, it gets even better!

So far, about 15 men and their wives/guests have signed up.  We have had 35-40 men in ManSchool this spring so there are still 20+ men I’ve yet to hear from.  Next Saturday night, May 31st 6pm-8pm in the Milgen Room, we’re going to have a ManSchool wrap up.  I think something special is going to happen.  Most men are bringing their wives and there is already a buzz about what could happen as our women see what we’ve been doing in ManSchool.

As you know, Patrick Grant and the Celebrate Recovery band will be our musical entertainment.  They’ll lead us in worship and then close us out.

We’ll recap the Wide Awake call and we’ll touch on some of the key moments.  If you only came to a few of these and feel you missed out, this will be a great chance to hear it all again and reconnect.

Menu change– we’re going to “nice” this thing up some.  Country’s is out.  Jerome Harrell is in.  Jerome will cater the meal and he does an incredible job.  There will be a much more appealing offering especially for our women.  We’re even going to have table cloths!

I’m excited by this wrap up.  It is a way to thank you for being a part of this community, this band of brothers.  To thank you for “investing” and pouring into ManSchool.  It is a great way to add some fuel to fire for next fall when we kick back off and invite other men into this.  (by the way, we will do some form of a lite Summer ManSchool so we can stay connected in the interim)

Childcare?  We don’t want childcare to be an issue that keeps any man away.  If you really want to come but don’t have childcare, comment below and we’ll arrange to have childcare present for kids under 10.

We want you to come.  Please respond below to let us know.  This is all free-of-charge to you funded via the men’s ministry budget.  It is a gift, an investment in you.  Come.



3 thoughts on “Next Saturday Night – more details, it gets even better!

  1. Again, sorry I will not be able to come. I know it will be a special, powerful evening. Thanks for your leadership, Richard. -Billy

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