Wide Awake – Invest

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This week, we finished the book Wide Awake focusing on the concept of “Invest”.  Of course, next Saturday night, we’ll wrap it up at our special event  (see earlier posts).

You cannot live a “God-sized” dream alone.  To live a dream, you cannot live it without others.  If the dream is bigger than you, then well, it’s bigger than you — you need to draw upon others.   You need community.

Community is illusive.  We all have this deep human longing for it but it requires relational skills that many of us don’t possess.  We’ve never been shown how.  Perhaps our fathers were loners or “self-made” men.  Whatever the case may be, it is hard to have community.  But, you need people in your life and you need to give your life to people.

David had his close-knit community of three men and then a broader group of thirty.  But the “three”, that’s where we need to focus.  They poured their lives into one another.  The three were devoted and loyal to David.  They knew David had their back.  The Philistines were camped in Bethlehem and at one point, David longed for water drawn from the well at the gate of Bethlehem.  It wasn’t a need, it was a desire.  His “three” risked their lives and ventured deep into enemy territory and brought back water from the well as a gift to David.  He poured the water out “before the Lord” because he was blown away by the act of devotion and knew he wasn’t worthy of such risk.  They were willing to relinquish their dreams to help David see his come true.

Who has three friends that would do this?

Community doesn’t happen by accident.  When you commit your life to others, strangely, they begin to commit to you.  But what comes first?  You committing to them.  You pouring yourself into helping them achieve their dreams even if that means it comes at a cost to you…and it will.  Community costs.  You have to give of yourself and put others ahead.  But the reward is rich.

Everything wars against community.  It’s easy to keep relationships on the surface, keep it superficial and to have many acquaintances but no real friends.  And because it is hard and opposed, some of us are trying to make the biggest difference in the world by ourselves.

Who has four friends that would carry our broken body miles on a mat to find Jesus in a home. lift him onto the roof, tear a hole in the roof and lower their friend to the feet of Jesus?  They cared far more about his healing than getting their prayers answered.  Who has a friend like this?

The real question is, who is a friend like this?  Most of us spend our lives figuring out how to get more for us instead of how to give more of us.  Have you missed the secret of living Wide Awake?  It is — Give your life away in helping others see their dreams and the life that is locked away deep inside of you will burst forth and become your calling.

Value people + Invest in others

Will you give yourself and invest in others?  Will you lose your life for His sake?  The greatest investment you can make is in people.  What you have not been able to accomplish alone, you can accomplish together!

Invest.  Put others first.  Live in Community.  It is what we are doing in ManSchool.  Does it cost?  Yes, you’ve got to get up at 5am to get to the church at 6am.  Is it convenient?  No.  You have to open up and drop the mask and offer yourself to other men to help pull them from the rubble of their own making.  Is it easy?  No.  But remember, “To live the life that takes your breath away, you’re going to have to get winded.”  If you want community, it is there for the taking.  Amazing things are happening in our tribe.  It is real.  It is powerful.  It is a blessing.



2 thoughts on “Wide Awake – Invest

  1. To be a part of community – the fellowship you crave with all your heart – but are afraid can never be – you can’t dictate the terms. You don’t stop being yourself, but you yield to something that will, hard though it may seem, draw you into deeper fellowship than you had imagined you would be blessed with. So, in 1973, I accepted the invitation to get up early every day to be at 5:30 a.m. prayer time with some new friends. Tough. But I began to experience Jesus’ Presence. Powerful, Peaceful, Real, and I began to change, to be changed, to be loved.

  2. Powerful and challenging message….for me often I doubt my own motives for serving, giving time, helping others, etc. I am sure this is due to past church poser, hurts, wounds, etc. Sometimes, often actually, fake it til you make it really works.

    Also appreciate Robin’s comments above. There will be a cost, but you can’t look to alleviate the pain/cost by dictating your own terms…imagine if Jesus had agreed with the Father that he would die, but attempted to negotiate a less excruciating form of suffering?

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