reservations for Saturday night

Guys, it’s not too late to RSVP for next Saturday night’s wrap up of ManSchool.  6pm til 8pm in the Milgen Room.  Jerome Harrell is catering the food and the Celebrate Recovery Band with Patrick Grant will lead us in worship.  Many of you have RSVP’d and there is a chance I’ve missed your reservation, so check me on this.

We’d love to have you join us.  Here is who I have signed up so far…

Rob Deloach                       Mark Alberici + wife            Ronnie Locklear + wife

Derrick Shields + wife      Jimmy Bone + wife              Patrick Grant + wife

Ryan Walker + wife          Robin Carr + wife                 Adam Keller + wife

Ron Smith+ wife               Bill Gaddy + wife                  Andy Thornton + wife

Michael Wood + wife       Richard Illges + wife            Oscar Morzan

Kerry Williams + wife      Sonny Howell + wife           Benjy Lamb + wife

Mark Sivak + wife             David Burnell + wife           Jay Hoffstetter

James Leatherwood + wife     Bryan Donaldson + girlfriend    Justin Krieg +wife

Don Campbell                    Adam Patton


That’s roughly 25 men.  We’ve been having 30-35 coming this Spring so there are still  few men that we haven’t heard from (a few have said they can’t come).

So…Can you join us?


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