Erwin McManus info

Erwin McManus has a new book out, The Artisan Soul.

The “Who told you that you were naked?” video is from the podcast series he has just completed going through the Artisan Soul book.  You can access that episode plus all the rest at  Then click on podcasts, video podcasts (or audio if you so chose) and it will open the iTunes store and you can download for free as many of the podcasts as you’d like.

Artisan Soul ties in directly with living Wide Awake – it is a natural extension of what we just studied and it might bless you this summer to read the book or watch the podcasts.

I especially encourage you to watch the “Who told you that you were naked” podcast in its entirety with your wife.  As we discussed, this issue of “voices” is especially potent in the lives of our women.  Women really struggle with this – remember the serpent went after Eve first.  They struggle with body issues, “matching up”, they have father wounds, mother wounds, past-boyfriend wounds, etc.  They gave their heart away many times only to see it smashed.

Watching this video with your wife might be incredibly productive in unpacking some real issues she/you have lurking beneath the surface and the process of restoration can begin.



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