Tonight’s ManSchool recap

here are the slides from tonight which is a full recap of our entire study of Wide Awake…  wide awake summary

Tonight we had an awesome celebration closing out ManSchool for the Spring.  About 50 people were there including more than 20 wives.  Patrick Grant and The Celebrate Recovery band – WOW.  They are amazing.  Thank you Patrick, y’all blessed us.  And of our course, Jerome Harrell’s food was fantastic.  Jerome is this quiet, unassuming, happy-go-lucky, servant of the Lord.

It was very important for the ladies to hear the ManSchool story and to see our community of men in action.

I was blown away by the comments, especially those of our women (and most especially Shannon’s).  Shannon was so right, you men mean the world to me.  ManSchool has blessed me in so many ways – seeing you men coming alive, responding, doing battle for one another and striving to grow in your authentic faith – truly inspires me.

Some truly beautiful and wonderful things are happening in our midst.  We are so blessed.  God is moving in a powerful way right in front of us.  Men are breaking free of multi-year bondages.  Agreements with lies are being revealed and broken.  Marriages are strengthening.  Our women are responding to what is transpiring in us.  A tribe is forming.  A band of brothers.

There is something special about our group.  I cannot tell you how it warms my heart to catch your eye across the room on Sunday morning and get a thumbs-up or a nod or a smile and I know, I just know, that man is my brother.  A brother forged in the battle of ManSchool.

thank you.  simply, thank you.

To God be the glory.  LiveUP!


3 thoughts on “Tonight’s ManSchool recap

  1. Thanks again Richard. It was a great night. A real blessing to see the wives get to participate and see what we are all about.

  2. My wife Debra and I were indeed blessed last night. Although I didn’t speak, this experience with the Man School has truly touched my life and walk with Christ. I will continue to be a part of Wednesday mornings, knowing how God is using this time, to make our time real for His kingdom!

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