the “young places” in you

John Eldredge’s latest “Men at the Outpost” video

addresses this issue of “young places” in us (starting at the 10 minute mark.

Here is a summary…

We all have “young places” in us regardless of our age.

The boy inside us that needs a Dad and the love of a Dad.


Watch it play out in your life and you can see it showing up – “Why do I react so strongly to rejection?”  or   “What is the ache I am trying to fix with food or booze or sex?”

These are “young places” that need tending to.


It opens up a whole new level where God can comfort you and come for you.

“Father, I need your love”


Most of us despise these young places in us – they embarrass us or they show up at really inopportune moments so we push them away rather than tending to them in love.


Invite the love of the Father into the boy within.

Not a one-time thing – it is a great, on-going spiritual discipline to learn and keep.


“I need your embrace here Father”

“Father me in this hole I have”


And if you begin to pray and invite God into these moments of pain – when you wake in the morning and feel fear, when you feel like your wife isn’t meeting your needs, etc., you will begin to see God mediating on your behalf via other men coming alongside you or even through experiences.  John talks about Stacy being gone for a few days so he would go walking at night just to be alone with God simply to let God love him.  He was walking along a trail and about to turn back and he felt God say, “Keep going”.  And he kept talking to God and listening and just focusing on God’s love, needing God’s love and right in front of him was this perfect mule deer antler shed.  To John, that’s a treasure and he found himself all week at home just walking around the house holding that shed.


That’s the little boy being loved on by the Father – sort of like when you Dad would go away on a business trip and bring you home a prize.  You cherished that.  That’s what John is talking about.  He carried that antler around like a gift from his Dad, because it was! 


Let God love on you.  Invite God into your young places.   




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