Guardrails – ManSchool this summer


ManSchool for the summer – what we call “ManSchool Lite” will kick off next Wednesday morning June 18th at 6am in the Milgen Room.  We will follow the same format as usual – gather for 10 minutes or so and catch up, worship & pray and then do our study and break to small groups at 7am.  We will be done by 7:30.

We will be going through Andy Stanley’s video series on the need for “Guardrails” in our lives – guardrails in the area of money, sex, temptation, friends, marriage, etc.  This is a fantastic series and you will get a ton of useful weapons to help you fight the battle we all face.  The videos are all 28 minutes long and Andy’s teaching is outstanding and he is very entertaining and easy to listen to.

So much is being accomplished in our midst.  Men are breaking bondages and coming out of the fog.  We are engaging our wives in new ways and taking the leadership role in our family’s spiritual life.

Precisely because so much good is happening … we need to stop and go through this series.  You need guardrails in your life.  Society baits us up right to the edge of disaster and then mocks us if we step over into that disaster.  We are baited and tempted right up to edge of sexual temptation.  We flirt.  We push the boundaries.  We open webpages we don’t need to open and then justify our “limited” use of the stimulation.  We push to the edge financially and see just how close we can get to disaster.

We need guardrails.  Guardrails are usually in the safe zone where you can drive but they are there to protect you from what is on the other side i.e. the cliff or the edge of the bridge.  Yes we can technically drive right on the edge but is that wise?  The guardrail is there if you let your defenses down and drift too far.  Yes, it will bang up and dent your car but you will avoid the catastrophe.  If you hit the guardrail, odds are you will survive and walk away.  Not so if that rail wasn’t there and you hit what was on the other side.

We need these boundaries in our lives as men.  We need to know where that line is and we must know there is a point we cannot cross.  That’s a guardrail.

Join us for this study.  INVEST the time.  I will promise you that you if you come and if you implement even just a few of these things Andy is going to share, you will not regret it.  Odds are, you will look back in a few years and say, “Man, I am so glad I put that guardrail in place back in 2014.”

See you next week.


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