Guardrails – Session 1

Today, we launched our Summer ManSchool series on the need for Guardrails in our lives.  Patrick Grant said that ManSchool is just that, it is “school” equipping us for life.  Today was no exception.  This series from Andy Stanley is packed with great tools to help you navigate life.  Please join us next week at 6am.    (reminder – we will NOT meet the following week July 2nd)

As you live this life, you’re going to have to be very careful where you walk. 

You need to be very intentional of how you use your time because the days are evil.

We need to face up and embrace what we know in our heart is the life God wants us to lead.  Stop deceiving yourself.  Stop kidding yourself.  Stop justifying your behavior, “yeah, I did get a little to close to her but I never _____, I never crossed that line.”  Don’t kid yourself, you may not have crossed “that” line but you have crossed too many lines with her.  You’ve done things, said things, felt things that you know would crush your wife if she knew.  Stop kidding yourself.  Or maybe it is electronic temptation and we dance, we dance, we dance with the edge, “If I look at this but don’t take it any further, that’ll be OK”.  Stop kidding yourself.  As Andy says, so many of us want to know just how close to the line we can get before it is officially a sin.

We keep flirting with disaster.   We need guardrails which are personal standards of behavior that if tripped will bother our conscience.  We need to establish lines we will not cross because we know that if we cross them, things will spiral and we’ll lose control and big time damage is on the other side of that guardrail.

He uses Ephesians 5:15-18 (rather than quoting it here, I encourage you to pick up the Word and read it) and talks about drunkenness – that being drunk should be a guardrail in our life.  That being drunk is a line I will not cross because I know once I am drunk my defenses drop and a whole lot of bad stuff is on the other side once my defenses are down.  Being drunk is foolish.  Giving up control is foolish.  Flirting with that girl is foolish.  The deeper you get into that, the more you confide in one another, the more your defenses drop and there is a line that once you cross it — once you lose control — you will be unable to stop.  You are a fool to torque yourself up, dance with danger, push the boundaries and think “I can stop before it goes too far”. 

It is the loss of control that is the sin and that’s why we need guardrails.  Your life is too important, time is too short, the days are too evil for you to kid yourself any longer.  Put on the full amour of God because you face a battle every day.

See you next Wednesday.  LiveUP!


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