Why are you NOT doing this?


Watch this 4 minute video from John Eldredge’s son Sam.  The visuals are captivating.

He poses an incredibly important question for each of us …

“We come to the wild as a company of men to look for answers, to be restored, to be renewed, to sort some things out, to look for ourselves, to look for God.  Where do you go to find this?  If you never get away to think about your life and sort things out, life will swallow you up.  You need some place you can go.”

It goes back the Gary Player story of the man saying, “I’d give anything to be able to hit a golf ball like that.”  Ummm…no you wouldn’t.  You could.  But you don’t invest the time and do the hard work to be able to do it.

Personally, watching this video I said to myself, “I’d give anything away to have a company of men to adventure with, to be able to walk in the creeks barefooted, camp out and watch the stars around a campfire, ride bikes through the Moab…”

“I’d give anything if I could retreat so I could be restored by the Father.”

Ummm…no I wouldn’t.  It is available to me.  All of that IS available to us.  (Well, maybe not the Moab but you get the point)  But…we don’t do it, we don’t invest, we don’t value it and instead we find ourselves feeling swallowed up by life.

Do you seek relief or restoration?  I love his line of “If you never get away to think about your life and sort things out, life will swallow you up.”  So true.  Anyway, I just saw this and even though I already did one post today, this one is too important to not get out right away.  Oh that I might feel deep restoration…

Watch the video and ask yourself, “Why am I NOT doing this?”

Note: for some reason when I post these, the emails that go out sometimes omit the link to the videos.  Just go to the blog and you will see it http://www.manliveup.com


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