Chad Wells guest post – the journey of a man/husband/father

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I drive a school bus in Jessamine County Kentucky! At 41! REALLY?

Do you feel you are the square peg in the round hole? (the world is round, right?)

What does a Christian Man in 2014 look like?  I assume this could be a single or married man question, but seeing that I am married with 3 kids I will go from that point of view.   However, it can apply to either.  I have been a believer in Christ for well over half of my life.  I always thought that I did not think like the world thinks. I was wrong.  For most of my adult life I have struggled with my place in this world.  What do I do?  No matter how hard I try to not believe it, what I do, names me.

As much as I say (and know) I am a child of God, unfortunately the world can at times seem a little louder.  Kind of like the following….. (Chad, I made you and you are awesome)

I am a banker at South Trust (1998)…. (I am a child of God)

I am a salesman for Concentra Medical Centers (2000)….. (I love you and you are mine)

I am an Outside customer service rep for Residential Construction Specialties (2001)….. (I am crazy about you, Chad)

I am a Garage Door Merchandiser for Clopay Building Products (2002)…… (You are my Beloved)

I suck at staying with a company…. (I am running for you)  

I am a District Manager for a pool chemical Company and my pay has almost doubled (2003)…… (I could not be more proud of you Chad)

I got laid off and had to move back to Columbus, collecting unemployment, second child due in a month and I can’t provide for my family (2006)….. (I always knew how great I was going to make you)

I am a Senior Client Services Analyst at TSYS, I have no Idea what in the world I am doing (2006)…. (You are smart Chad, I made you smart)

I am too scared to stay with a company, they may find out that I have no idea what I am doing (2009)….. (I love you Chad, no matter what you do)

I am a Risk Reduction Coordinator at Ft. Benning (2009)…… (Chad, I am so proud that I created you)

The contract ended and I have no idea what to do (2011)….. (Chad I believe in you as a Husband)  

Are you leading me and my family to ministry of some sort?  Surely not, I am not good enough?  I don’t have what it takes? (2011)…. (I created you special and you can teach people about me)  

I cook breakfast at 3 am and serve it to people at Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Really? (2011)…… (people are seeing Me in you)  

Jesus, what in the @%&# is going on with my life? (2011)….. (Chad, you are a great father)

Are you leading our family to missions? (2011)…. (you will be ready and I am excited)  

My wife is being called to Seminary! (2012)…. (I created you and Hollie as a team)  

I suck at school, I can’t read well, I can’t remember what I did yesterday. (2012)…. (You have all the gifts that I have created in you to complete your purpose in My Kingdom)

I am a Lab tech at Goldens’ Foundry, wait, wait wait…What??? (2012)…. (Just be patient Chad, I have the perfect plan for your life)  

My wife and I are going to move our family to Kentucky so she can go to Seminary at Asbury Theological Seminary…. Hold it right there, I thought I was supposed to do that kind of thing. (2013)…… (Remember, I created you special and I created you and Hollie as a team)  

Ok, Lord send me!  Men, does any of this sound familiar?  I hope not.  First of all let me say, I love my wife and I could not be more proud to be her husband.  She is amazing and as we have walked this journey there is no doubt that this is her calling right now.  I have learned that it is also my calling as well.  Second, I still doubt and question what in the world the Lord is doing specifically in my life.  I battle bouts of heavy depression (Lord, I know you can heal me of this, what are you going to use it for? I feel it is a hindrance, but I will trust you).  I carry heavy guilt of past sins (I know, I know, that is not from the Lord, but it is still there! JL)  There is still a lot of frustration and anger.

Guys this world tells me I need to be working to make more money for my family for our future, and oddly enough it also tells me that I am the one that should be in Seminary not my wife.  Men, sometimes what we are hearing the Lord telling us to do, just does not seem right, it may not go along with what our culture expects from a Husband, Father and Man in 2014.  Men, I am a husband to an amazing woman who loves the Lord and who the Lord has called to Seminary and she needs me to love her and help her through the long days and nights as a grad student, with His help I will get better at it.  Men, I am a Father to 3 wonderful little girls who the Lord has called to Seminary also, and they need me.  Each one of them need my love and support.  They were each created very different, with His help I hope to get better at it.  And yes Men, I am 41 years old, and I am a School Bus Driver in Kentucky for 26 Middle School and High School kids that have very hard lives and live in tough circumstances and they need me.  Men, I was called to Seminary, no, not in the traditional sense, but just like My wife, I too was called to Seminary.  I am proud that I have been called to seminary.  I have no Idea what the Lord will have me doing when Hollie graduates and calls us to the next place.  I do know that I will be called where she is called because we are called together as a team.  Just as He has me serving Hollie, our girls, our house and those 26 school kids, He has the perfect plan for me to serve His Kingdom today and until He calls me home.

Men, the same is true for each of you.  For each of you it may look completely different.  The awesome thing is, He has created each of us for His Kingdom.  May the Lord quiet the world noise in your life and turn up the volume to His voice.

Trusting in Him,

Chad Wells



5 thoughts on “Chad Wells guest post – the journey of a man/husband/father

  1. Well, men, it takes a MAN to be vulnerable and share the truth of the life he is in. Listen to all those ministry situations that are going on. And life flows through you when you do that. And when real LIFE flows through you, you are like the tree planted by the River.

  2. Chad, your story, your perseverance by faith and transforming contentment is a great encouragement. I can read devotions during the day or even the Bible, but your testimony has ministered so much more today. Thank you for sharing your life with us. There is much to be gained on the narrow path you are on.

  3. Chad,

    LOVE your transparency, but most of all your ability to continually see Jesus in all of this. We will compare journeys one day soon my friend. I, too, am honored to share my life with a woman that has said time and again, “we can live in any box, anywhere, for any amount of time and we will make it with continued faith in Jesus”….that coming from a woman who endured 9 moves in our first 10 years of marriage. God works through all of us in ways that puzzle and often frustrate us as we go through them, but it is so rewarding to look back and see how we have been used for His purposes after the dust settles. He clearly has much purpose for you! Proud of you, brother!

  4. Chad,
    Thank you for sharing this powerful, POWERFUL testimony–full of brutal honesty, NONE of it watered down by the sort of religious platitudes that many of us would be tempted to use to make it sound “Christian” enough. THIS is why I attend Christ Community–because it is full of real people who aren’t afraid to BE real in front of others, thus letting God’s light burn brightly in them!

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