Guardrails in our sexuality

This one really is a “must” view. 28 minutes.  It may just change your life, it may just save your marriage.  I will promise you that if you employ some of these guardrails, you will not regret it.

We always seem to walk right up to the edge of disaster.  We tempt ourselves to see just how close we can get to the line.  Why is that?  It is utter foolishness to flirt with sexual temptation.  Don’t kid yourself.  Wake up.  Realize just how dangerous this area is.

Paul said in 1 Corinthians 6:18 “Flee sexual immorality.”  Flee.  That’s pretty clear.  Flee.  It’s the thing your want your wife to do.  You want your son to do.  You want your best friends doing but when it comes to you, when it comes to me, we don’t flee, we flirt.

Your body is a temple where the Holy Spirit lives (if you’re a Christian).  You were bought at a price.  You have been purchased from the power of sin.  As a Christian, you have the power to master your body.  You don’t have to be a slave to it.  The Spirit resides in you and you should never go anywhere near things that dishonor God.

If you will establish some of these guardrails, you will not regret it.  These come from Andy’s years of experience of listening to many, many, many marriage train wrecks.  Some of these seem “impossible” or “extreme”.  The fact of the matter is the disaster on the other side of these is extreme.  The guardrail is there to prevent you from the disaster.

1.  Don’t travel alone with members of the opposite sex.  Maintain a moral margin.

2.  Don’t eat alone with members of the opposite sex alone.  Every single affair he has counseled through except one began with this – began with sharing a meal.

3.  Don’t hire cute members of the opposite sex because you want to help them.  Don’t deceive yourself.  Don’t deceive yourself.  Don’t deceive yourself.  Get them help but don’t hire them.

4.  Don’t confide/counsel with the opposite sex.  “They need me”.  Wrong.  When you counsel/confide, you are combining two emotional worlds and that is very dangerous.  That is intimacy and that is what we all want.  We think we want sex but deep down, it is intimacy that we crave.

5.  When your heart/desire starts to drift towards another women, tell someone.  Find a friend you can trust and confess this.

Your wife needs to know what your guardrails are and she needs to have the freedom to weigh in on them.  Make her a part of your defense system.

Again, is all of this extreme?  No, I think they are common sense.  You will never regret having guardrails in the area of your sexuality.  Are they extreme?  No, the disaster on the other side is extreme.  We need guardrails and they need to be fortified and very strong in this area.

This is a tough area for us but this message is fantastic and it might just change your life.  You won’t regret watching it.

Let me know what you think!



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