pornography – a powerful testimony

I’m following a nudge with this one so bear with me…

Pornography is a devastating issue in our culture.  Estimates are as high as 90% of the young men in college are dealing with sex-addiction issues and addiction to pornography.

The church is dealing with this is varying forms but even in the church, this is an issue better left “unsaid”.  It is messy and it is destroying men and destroying marriages.

It is time to come clean.  Don’t kid yourself.  If you are looking, you probably have a bigger issue than you care to admit.

There is no accusation here.  That’s not the point.  We are being absolutely bombarded with this daily.  We fight a tough battle but every one of us fights it whether we care to admit it or not.

So many of us feed this addiction – we watch things we shouldn’t watch, look at women in ways we shouldn’t and linger where we have no business.  “What you feed grows.  What you starve dies”.  If you keep feeding this addiction, the appetite will only grow.  You can never satiate this desire and it will absolutely and completely consume you.

Please don’t keep this in the dark.  Expose it to the light.

I share this video of Andy Stanley talking to Michael Leahy and his ex-wife about his affair and pornography addiction.  The affair was the symptom, the effect of his much deeper problem of pornography addiction.

This is 45 minutes long and is filled with reality, facts about porn addiction, medical facts about how pornography has the addictive power of crack cocaine, etc.  It is also painful to hear his ex-wife speak about her side of this.  There is also restoration as Michael now leads a ministry to college campuses about pornography.

Please invest the time to watch this.  Drop your defenses.  Let the Spirit speak to you.  If you need to talk as a result of this, let’s talk.  You can comment below (I won’t publish any comments) and let me know.  Get it out into the light.

This could be a hugely important 45 minutes in your life.


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