Impacting young men in our church…a great opportunity…

Robert Williams the youth pastor has this idea to have a camping trip for the high school and older boys where men from LiveUP will engage and impact the young men, sharing life and showing them certain skills.

Here are the basic details.  He wants to try this on Friday evening September 19 and Saturday the 20th.   The general idea is to provide input from some older men on basic “man-skill how to’s” such as pitching a tent, starting a fire, changing a tire, tying an tie.

Some of the youth don’t have dads or don’t live with them.   Needs are a place to camp, tents, men to be part of the conversation. It probably should – I hope it would  –  work into a regular connection of some manschoolers with the high school guys.

Robin Carr has been talking to Robert and I realize this is only a few weeks away but if you have an interest in this, please email Robin at and we will see where this goes.

If the Lord so moves…


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