ManSchool starting 9/17 – Kingdom Man

ManSchool starts back on Wednesday September 17th at 6am in the Milgen Room.  We will be going through Tony Evan’s series, “Kingdom Man”.  Tony has a unique approach to sharing the vision of Biblical manhood.  It ties in perfectly with where we’ve been as a community of men and where we’re going.  We’re already planning our Spring session, contemplating a retreat in the late Spring and other things to equip you for the life God designed you to live.

We are excited to get back together and we strongly encourage you to join us in a few weeks.  This is a great chance for you to engage with the LiveUP men and join the community.  Amazing, beautiful things are happening in our group as men come into community, drop the façade and seek after God.

You can continue to attempt life alone, you out there fighting the wolves and the temptations all by yourself – or – you can join us.

The invitation and offer is here.  Will you accept?

If you plan on joining us, please register at this link .

We’ve been running 30-40 men each week and we want to build on that.  This is a great chance for you to start and join us.

NEEDS – we have a few needs.  First is the coffee.  This is a real commitment but we need a few men to agree to help make the coffee.  It takes about 20-25 minutes to make enough coffee for everyone so that means a 5:30 arrival for the volunteer but it does bless a great number of men who need the jolt!  We’d like a team of guys to take this and rotate it.  Jimmy Bone will help coordinate and we have a few men already but need more.  If you want to help comment below or email Jimmy at

Food – we never know what to do about food in the morning because it tends to be so hit/miss.  We do know donuts are universally popular.  We need a man willing to step up and take charge of the morning food and to build a team willing to help.  We have a budget so money isn’t the issue.  Knowing what to get and getting it there is. If you want to take this, comment below.  Again, it will bless the larger group.

Please leave your comments below and please pray about committing to joining us and seeing the entire course through the end.


4 thoughts on “ManSchool starting 9/17 – Kingdom Man

  1. I definitely plan on attending. We did Kingdom Man in our Wild Men of God bible study. I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it and look forward to doing it again in a different setting. Thanks for all you do for the men of this church and for the Kingdom.

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