ManSchool starts next week

please see the previous post for details…

Next Wednesday at 6am in the Milgen Room, we begin the fall session of ManSchool.  We really think this is going to be a great time for men to invest in the Kingdom and seek God’s direction for their life as husband, father and leader.

Will you invest?

The invitation is here.  The material is rich.  The “tribe” of community is strong.

But you will miss it if you’re not willing to invest.  It’s just that simple.  Yes, you can continue about life, doing life as an “alone man”, trying to be dutiful, trying to be “good” and you’ll likely miss the life Jesus came to give you.

Too many men in our midst are checked out.  Did you notice last week in the 9am service when Derrick asked us to stand and speak what our dreams were for ministry that no men stood.  It was 7-8 ladies that spoke up.  Not a single man.  That’s telling.  Why is that?

Are we awake?  Are we leading?  Or are we just uninterested, sitting on the shore, hoping no one notices us and hoping to just live our lives, stay out of trouble and letting our wives be the spiritual leaders in our homes.  Men, where are you?

Sorry to press.  Sorry to offend.  This is a call.  ManSchool is a call.  It is a call to stepUP into the life that Christ came and died for.  So far, we’ve had about 10 men register for ManSchool or comment below that they are coming.  10.  Now, usually men are not good about signing up or even commenting on this blog but even that is a symptom of the much deeper issue.  Men, in general, are just checked out.

This is why we do ManSchool.  It isn’t to accuse because we have been there too and still battle it ourselves.  No, it’s a call to awaken.  It’s a call to a radical faith.  It’s a call to authentic manhood, to becoming a true Kingdom Man.

Will you accept the invitation to invest in this tribe?

will you?


4 thoughts on “ManSchool starts next week

  1. I will be there!

    I think ManSchool is awesome.

    I have and probably will continue to have issues with making every session due to my job but I have enjoyed everything I have learned from Richard and all the other men that participate especially from Oscar.

    I was at the 0900 service and I simply didn’t move when Derrick started calling everyone out!

    I was frozen!


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