ManSchool Wednesday

As we prepare for the launch of ManSchool, we pray for the Lord to move in our midst.

You do not need to buy the book or the work book for the Kingdom Man study.  Derrick was able to secure 40 work books and we’ll give these to you on Wednesday.  Free!

As Keith talked about yesterday, our faith is all about stepping out.  It is there for the taking but we must first act.  Men must step forward.  God will meet you there.  We need to get out of the presumed safety of the boat and walk toward Jesus.  The fact of the matter is, the boat isn’t safe.  We think it is.  We work hard to make it safe.  But it is isn’t.

Jesus calls us out of the safety of our well-made boats into risk.  It’s risky to step out.  Risky to join a tribe of men striving to grow closer to God.  Risky to pursue our wives.  Risky to admit our failures and addictions.  Risky to come clean and start new.  But this is what Jesus offers us.

And amazingly, there is great freedom, great restoration, great healing and great adventure on the other side.

Get out of the boat.  We’ll see you on Wednesday


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