Summary of the past 3 years – Fathering

I was going to cover this tomorrow morning as a recap of where we’ve been and as a set up for Kingdom Man.  We thought for those new men starting ManSchool tomorrow (about 10-15 first time guys) we thought this recap would serve as a summary of the foundation of what God has been building upon in our community.  But we will instead post these on the blog and jump right into Kingdom Man tomorrow.

Going over our notes from the past three years, some really consistent themes emerge around four key areas – Fathering, Community/Tribe, Agreements and the Vine.  Today, we’ll share the Fathering summary with no other commentary.  Hopefully this will trigger good food for thought…


We “pedestal” other men because we look at a part of his life and compare it to part of my life.  We transpose that his “whole life” looks great because this one part looks so good, so appealing.  This is radically unfair to our heart.

 It is OK, even holy, to say “I don’t know”.  Mentors (at any stage) are a very good thing.

 At the core of every young boy, every teenage boy, every young man and 50-year old man is the need for a father saying, “Son, I love you. I love your life.  I love what you’re about.”

 “I can do this alone” won’t work long-term and it creates great cost for those around you.

 Chasing performance to find life is a bottomless pit.  “It” isn’t there.  You cannot “performance” your way to filling that hole in your soul.

 The pain you have been through, experiences, the wounds that cut deep, the failures you’ve known create this space for doubt and fear.



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