Summary of the past 3 years – Community

in part II of our summary of the past three years, here is a brief summary of the consistent themes that have been coming through on the importance of community/tribe…

Community – the tribe of men

Man was built for community, built for “tribe”. He can’t do this alone.

If you keep your struggles silent, in the dark, Satan is going to thrash you. Bring them to community, into the light and their power over you breaks.

Imagine you are surrounded by a small company of men who know you well. They understand we are at war.  They know the purpose of God is to bring men fully alive.  They are living in the four streams – walking with God, intimate counsel, deep restoration and spiritual warfare.  They fight for you and you for them.  You could have a fellowship of the heart.  It is there and it’s rich and powerful.

Community pulls each other up. It listens.  It doesn’t say, “Oh, I’ve got that too” and then take over the conversation.  It listens

Community elevates. It doesn’t allow me to wallow.  It doesn’t accept mediocrity.  It calls me UP to live my most heroic life.  If I’m doing life alone, I miss all this.

True community is something you’ll have to fight for. You’ll have to invest time and energy to get it.  You’ll have to fight to keep it.  Without it, you’ll go back into captivity.  This is why small group fellowships thrive overseas.  They need each other.  They have no other options but community.


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