Summary of the past 3 years – Agreements

In part III of our summary of the past three years, a common theme of “agreements” has come through.  Agreements are dangerous to our heart.  They are debilitating.  We make a mistake or we fail and we “accept” the “fact” that we are a failure.  This agreement cements and begins form the basis of all future decisions.  Or, our heart is broken in a relationship and we decide, we agree that we can no longer trust anyone.  Satan uses these agreements to pound us.

Christ came as the great liberator.  He came to break to bondage of sin and brokenness.  He destroys these agreements and sets the captive free…


Let’s face it, life is full of some crap. Cancer, job loss, rebellious kids, theft, backstabbing, hurts, checked-out fathers, etc.  If I quit in the face of the crap and resign myself to “God isn’t for me”, I lose.  Shoveling the crap of life = these are the miles that make a man.  Forged by iron, by tough times, we grow into the Kingdom man God intends for us.

We are not of those who shrink back. We used to be but not anymore.

What we say to ourselves and to others can determine whether we live imprisoned or we live free.

Where the river flows, there is life. But the river can beat you up along the way.  Nowhere in the Bible does it promise us a “pain-free life”.  Too many of us have hurts – father wounds, broken marriages, pornography addiction, failed in business – and we are washed up on the shore, hiding in the tall grass, hoping to go unnoticed and avoiding future hurts.  Agreements paralyze us from being what God called us to be.

Make no agreements. During a tough time, during an assault, make no agreements.  The enemy will suggest all sorts of things like “God doesn’t care” or “You’re not worth fighting for” or “She’ll never change” or “You’re a failure”. Don’t agree.  Call it out (out loud so Satan can hear you) in the name of Jesus as a lie.

Safe? Just where did we get this idea that God’s optimal desire for us was that we’d live an insulated life, in a bubble where we risk nothing, sacrifice nothing, lose nothing and worry about nothing? Where did that come from? Jesus died to free us from the fear of death and so we can truly live.  It’s time to get back in the river!

Nothing will heal you if you are ungrateful.

The redeemed heart is good. It isn’t desperately wicked as many believe.  We battle our flesh but the redeemed heart is good.  Jesus took your heart of stone and gave you a new heart.  A good and noble heart.  Christ came to heal the broken-hearted and set the captive free.


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