ManSchool this week – it’s not too late to join

Ok, so here’s the deal, last week something amazing happened.  65 men showed up for ManSchool.  65!  We were blown away and frankly, unprepared.  We didn’t have enough books and we quickly ran out of food and coffee.  To top it off, we had computer problems.  It was a bit chaotic but you were gracious and God showed up.

Here is what I want you to know – God is doing something right in our midst as a tribe of men, a body of believers, a community of authentic men.  There is a reason 65 men showed up at 6am.  If there are 100 men meant to be there, we’ll figure out how to pull that off!  God is moving.

And … it will be opposed.

So if it is going to be opposed, we’re going to have to gird for battle.  If you are reading this, I need you to pray about this Wednesday.  Pray that those same men return and the men on the fence, get off that fence and come into our community.  I need you to pray for your heart and your home.  Realize there is a battle underway and you’re going to face opposition.  Ask your wife to pray for your participation in ManSchool.  The thing to do is stay connected to the Vine and let God walk you though this study.

This week – we will start all over.  We’ll show the first episode.  We’ve got 25 more books coming.  If you missed last week, you didn’t miss a thing and this week will be a fresh start.  I hope you will join us.

We need help – we need volunteers to help make coffee at 5:30am.  The church will be open and we need to rotate men that will agree to come and help early.  We also need men to volunteer to pick up biscuits at Hardees or McDonalds.  The church will reimburse you so keep your receipt.  If you want to help and be on these teams, please comment below.

LiveUP Authentic Manhood is what you put into it.  There is something very special happening.  Men are bonding and forming tight communities.  Facades are dropping.  We are stopping the posing and being real and dealing with our issues in a real and transparent way and God is blessing our quest for intimacy with Him.

Pray.  See you Wednesday am.



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