Kingdom Man 1 & this morning’s worship

Last week we kicked off Kingdom Man.  This time, we had plenty of coffee and tons of biscuits.  Someone even brought about 20 homemade biscuits (thanks to whoever gave this gift!).  It was a great opening session.  Some summary points…

In the NFL, the referees answer to the “kingdom” which is the NFL.  The officials have to know the kingdom’s rule book.  The Refs know the rules and they answer to the kingdom.  If they listen to the commissioner guided by the rule book, there will be order and things will go as designed.  However, if they stray, if they start listening to the crowd, it won’t be long before they are up in the crowd (and no longer employed!).  The analogy is clear – if we stay connected to the Vine and know and stay in God’s Word, we’ll have clarity in our mission.  If we stray and start listening to the crowd, well, you know what will happen.

As Kingdom Men, we are here on this earth to Represent God and His Kingdom.  The absence of Kingdom Men is bringing destruction, pain and anguish all across America.  We see the cost of fatherlessness daily in our culture.  Isaiah 3:12 saw it coming “The children are in chaos and the women have taken over”.  40% of children are being raised by single parents and 72% of African American homes are single parent.  The men have checked out and the women are leading.

The independent man – the man who does life on his own by his own rules – is a problem.  You’re not a Kingdom Man unless God is telling you what to do.  Chaos comes when God is not allowed to be God in the life of a man.

And catch this…

A woman is a mirror that let’s a man know what his own submission to God looks like.  Let that set in a for a minute.  Does your wife drive you crazy?  Is there tension?  Is she “off-kilter” and struggling to fight battles on many fronts?  Is she exhausted, worn-out and drifting?  You need to take a good hard look in the mirror.  Your wife is a reflection of your faith walk.  The greatest ministry field you have is your wife.  Period.  It starts at home.  She knows you better than anyone and the stresses are most intense.  How you love your wife and minister to her is the ultimate witness/testimony of your faith walk.

Think about that … it’s a tough one.

The Kingdom Man understands he is obligated to a higher order.  This isn’t “my world”.  I am here to serve vs. the typical man-think of “I’m going to do it my way“.  I am a creature, not a creator.  There is only one Creator and my freedom comes only from my submission to Him.

I loved this mornings worship Loved it.  I loved that they opened with “September”.  I loved the Spirit moving, the freedom.  Most of all, I loved Jay’s call for our submission.  For the first time I think ever, I was on my knees, flattened out in submission to the Lord in church.  I gave up to Him this struggle I have.  I surrendered, “Lord I cannot do this alone”.

Jay was calling us to be Kingdom men where we submit to the Father and then obey His lead.

Praise the Lord.


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