thought I’d share this with you…

ManSchool was great this morning.  God moved.  But as I left and headed to work, I had this sense that today was going to be a battle.  Indeed it was.  A…real…tough…battle.  And in this, I struggled to let “LORD God” be LORD.  I struggled to release the burden of the battle and it ate at me all day.  It simply took me out.  All sorts of accusations and condemnations came against me.

Can you relate?

We all have days like this.  We all face epic battles when forces feel united to conspire against us.  Thankfully late this afternoon it was released.  God freed me.  I walked after work and heard an amazing sermon from Mosaic on when we think God is disappointed in us.  The gist of the sermon is that we are way too hard on ourselves.  We embrace guilt and shame.  And yet, God promised in Psalm 103 “As far as the east is from the west, so far He has removed our transgressions from us.”  Gone.  Forgotten.  Blotted out.  Gone.

And as I listened to this sermon and that the shame of our mistakes do WAY more damage than the actual mistake — read that again — the shame that you carry is doing way more damage than the actual mistake.  Jesus took it.  It’s His.  He’s blotted it out and you can’t go back in the past and get a do-over because it isn’t there anymore.  It’s gone.

So I was released.  Freed.  “He came to set the captives free”. 

And I got a nice little gift at sundown.  I got a cross painted by the Master in the glorious sunset.  LiveUP!




One thought on “thought I’d share this with you…

  1. Thank you for your testimony and I’m so encouraged by the example of holding on to the shame is doing more damage than the mistake!!!! PTL & LIVE UP!!!!

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