Kingdom Man #2 “LORD God” or just “God”?

here are some summary points from last week…

  • The one opposing you only wants one thing – your utter defeat.
  • Man was given the responsibility of protection and provision for his “garden”.
  • Satan showed up and whereas Genesis 1-3 referred to God as “LORD God”, Satan shows up to Eve and starts talking about “God”  (we’ll address that below)
  • You were not created to just be male; you were created to be a great man – conquer, ruling, greatness, substance, significance.  We associate with greatness.  Think about it.  It’s why we love Gladiator and Braveheart but closer to home, think about your loyalty to your college football team.  Say you love Alabama.  Odds are, you greatly respect and admire Nick Saban.  You puff your chest at knowing “he’s our guy, he’s perhaps the best coach of any sport in the nation“.  If you love Georgia, there is something deep inside that probably also loves Mark Richt.  You’re proud that your coach is deeply ethical, a man of deep integrity and strong faith.  If you love Auburn like I do, you kind of hang you hat on the offensive genius of Gus Malzhan.  You look at him and admire his genius.  Why is that?  Why is it that we have this strong inner drive towards greatness and towards affiliation with greatness?  It’s because God installed that desire in you as a man.
  • When God chose a man in the bible, He always called that man to do something way more than he thought he could do.  Moses was the “meekest man ever to live” and yet God called him up into facing down Pharaoh.
  • What God is calling you UP into isn’t “world greatness” but rather “Servant greatness” – He is calling you UP into a role of great service, sacrifice and self-less leadership.  The biggest man is the one who has gone low before the Lord.  “Here I am LORD.  Place me where you need me“.
  • As a man, you get to name things.  You get to name your wife!  You get to declare what ought to be.  You get to cast a vision – for your family, for your wife, for your children, for your business.  You get to name it.  (goes back to God empowering Adam to name all the animals)

And so, the question is, how small are you thinking?  Are you remaining stuck in the “work sucks, life’s hard” mode?  Or, are you thinking great, dreaming big?  God has so much more for you than wallowing in your problems, wallowing in your financial issues, wallowing in past mistakes, wallowing in self-loathing.  No, God has called you UP into something much grander.  As a man and as the spiritual leader of your home, it is incumbent upon you to declare “NOT in my house” and step out of the pity and UP into the vision you cast for your family.

The root of the problem is that we want our independence from God.  We want to do our own thing.  This is crucialplease get this – in Genesis the Word speaks of the “LORD God” creating.  Go back and read through it.  Look at how many times you see “LORD God”.  And then when Satan shows up, he immediately addresses Eve talking about “God”.  What Satan is doing is in essence saying to Eve, “You can have God.  He’s real.  But let’s not let him tell you what to do.  You need to do your own thing, find your inner self, seek what makes you feel good about you“.  And ever since then…chaos.  When we remove LORD from God, we are telling God, “I’ve got it God, you stay back there in background and only when I hit the rocks will I call upon you.”  What God is asking is that you let God be LORD God in your life.  Let Him be LORD over your family, LORD over your business, LORD over your marriage, LORD over your children.

Dig deep into this.  Ask yourself if God is just God to you or is He “LORD God”?  Let Him be LORD.  Give him the keys.  Let Him drive and see where He takes you.



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