Kingdom Man #3 – taking a step of faith

“God decides what we will do based on the decisions we make.”

Think about that statement.  Moses accepted the call God gave him and this was evidenced by Moses’ first step toward action.  He accepted the call in his heart, heard God’s command but it was only until Moses took that first step that the power of God came to him.  Had Moses heard God’s call but remained in the place of “I have too much shame, too many weaknesses”, nothing would have happened.  Moses had to take a step of faith.  God responds to our motion.

Imagine Abraham – called to sacrifice his son.  Imagine that.  But he obeyed, he took the step and when God saw his faithfulness, God put things in motion.

Just like Keith’s call yesterday of obedience to the call of giving.  God’s not going to honor your giving … until … you actually give and give with a cheerful heart.  Faith requires action on our part.

So what is it that God is calling you to?

God’s not going to give you your “all” until He’s sure you can handle it.  He called Moses but it was only until Moses acted that things started to roll.  And remember, many times, God takes a mess (or what we consider a mess) and makes it a miracle.  So stop believing you’re “done” and washed-up.  You may have made a mess of things but God’s not done with you.  You and your mistakes are oh so “nothing” in the power of the Lord Most High.

And think of Joshua.  Moses was dead.  The leader, the man that parted the Red Sea and stood down Pharaoh was gone and leadership was thrust upon Joshua.  He had to leave his yesterday behind.  Yesterday, he was the #2 man.  He had to look forward into the future.  Joshua had to trust God that his future was indeed going to be a LOT bigger than where he’d been.  Satan tries to tie us into our yesterday, our failures, our shame but God is looking forward.  Past sins and past mistakes are exactly that … past.  It’s time to move forward men.  It’s time to engage.

What is it in your “yesterday” that you need to … right now … leave behind?  What is that thing that is weighing your down, defeating you? 

It’s time to let it go and step forward >> in faith.

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