Special Saturday project – helping Phil Staten

As we discussed this morning at ManSchool, we have a special service project this Saturday morning at 9am helping Phil Staten at his house.  Phil is battling cancer and is almost finished with his chemo treatments.  If you know Phil, you know his spirit is strong and his faith is rock-solid.  He knows all this is in the Lord’s hands.

The chemo is taking its toll on him physically and so he hasn’t been able to tend to his yard like he needs to.  His daughter has been cutting the grass trying to maintain it but the yard needs a good “once-over” to get it back in shape – trimming hedges, cleaning out undergrowth in the beds, cutting/edging, putting pine straw down, etc.

Jimmy Bone has it on his heart that our men need to step UP and serve Phil.  Jimmy is leading a team that will spend a few hours getting Phil’s yard cleaned up and ready for the winter.  We need a group of men to join in.  You’ll need to bring the equipment you can like blowers, edge trimmers, shrub clippers, etc.  It should take about two hours.

Phil lives at 7110 Willow Oak Drive – this is across the street from TSYS’ North Center and across Moon Road from North Highland Assembly of God.  It’s easy to get to.

If you want to help, please email Jimmy at gantis51@yahoo.com or text him/call him at 706 575-3475.   Thank you in advance!

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