Kingdom Man 4 – fearing God

You are called to God.  Called to something different than the rest of this world, called to something different than your co-workers.  You are called up to a higher standard.  You are a Kingdom Man – a man of God.  God is the head of Christ, Christ is the head of Man and Man is the head of Woman.  Alignment.  When things are in alignment, things can prosper.  If you get out of alignment, trouble rears its ugly head.  If you lose your proper alignment, you lose your sacred covering, you get out from under God and there are consequences of this.

Fear God.  What does that mean?  Do you fear God?

I love sunsets.  They speak to me.  I love the quiet and watching the Master Artist paint His evening sky especially in the fall.  Last night’s was a beauty…


This is part of “fearing” God.  Fearing (respecting/appreciating) the majesty of His creation.  Fearing is also what you think it is – respecting the power and wrath of God.  As surely as He creates this, He can take it apart any moment.  There, in fearing, comes the proper reverence for Him and that truly, none of this is about me.  I am but a faint whisper on a second of history.  To fear God means to take God seriously – not casually, not lowering His standard but knowing His Word and rising up to His standard.  When we lower His standard, we cheapen God and yet we still want His full blessings.  God’s not going to honor that.  God’s on the perimeter of your city, circling you but He’s not going to engage you if you take Him out of the formula and live your life as it suits you.  If we decide to take God seriously we can begin to see His purpose and the blessings He has for us as we submit to His Word and His will.

Fearing God is alignment.  We fear Him with our feet as we actually walk the talk.  It all starts with being a man of “alignment” – trusting God, walking in faith, turning away from any flirtation or temptation, living with integrity — integrated with the Great One — and giving Him your Trust with all your decisions and relationships.

“It’s not about me God anymore.  I give it all to You.”


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