two ways to serve

Men – we had two calls for service this morning.  These are not “duties”, they are calls.  If you are looking for a place to serve in ministry and if the Holy Spirit is so nudging you, then respond.

Prayer team on Sunday mornings – we have a need for more men up front during the response time to pray for/with those that come down front.  Many times a man will come forward and kneel to pray and there isn’t a man on the other side to pray with him because the other prayer team members are praying with others.  If you want to invest in prayer with those that come forward with a need, reach out to Robin Carr at

Zone Coordinators on Sunday morning in the Kid’s ministry – zone coordinators help make sure each classroom is supplied, not overcrowded and takes care of getting parents if there is a discipline or sickness issue with a child.  In effect, you’d float back there helping the teachers.  We have a need this weekend and nearly every weekend in November.  If you are interested, contact Angel Duarte at or call/text him at 706-577-8509

If so moved … ACT



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