pornography & your heart – a frank discussion, man to man

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The most devastating effect of pornography is on your heart.  You are turning to pornography because of a need in your heart to be validated as a man, to be comforted, affirmed.  You feel less than a man – perhaps because of a childhood wound or a failed relationship/marriage or a lack of intimacy in your marriage – and porn tempts you as a suitable fix to this heart wound.  Please don’t get me wrong, the set-up for this is legitimate.  Those are totally legit wounds but what you do with that wound, that pain, that aching loneliness is crucial.  If you take this wound to pornography instead of to the LORD, you are offering up your heart to an idol and as we saw in the last post, this false god has some deep, unseen, destructive hooks that trap you if you take the bait.

Porn promises a virtual world filled with sex – more sex, better sex.  What it fails to mention, conveniently, is that the further a user goes into that fantasy world, the more likely their reality is to become just the opposite.  Porn often leads to less sex and less satisfying sex and for many users, porn eventually means no sex at all.  Porn will rewire your brain.  Not it “might” rewire your brain … no … it “will” rewire your brain.  It has chemical properties and addictive powers equal to or exceeding that of heroin or crack cocaine.  Researchers have discovered that after being exposed to soft core sexual material, both men and women were significantly less happy with their partner’s looks, willingness to try new sexual acts, and their sexual performance.  Even being exposed to porn – just once – can make people feel less in love with their significant other.

When you look at porn, the sexual roadmaps in your brain are being redrawn.  If you have a sexual experience that feels good, your brain is flooded with dopamine and it creates a map to get back there.  You know, it is the “I eat the cookie, cookie tastes good, I want another cookie” syndrome.  The more you use porn, the wider this pathway becomes.  But your brain isn’t designed for this much stimulation and so eventually, your brain’s self-defense mechanism (isn’t God just brilliant?) kicks in and starts to shut down the dopamine receptors and as a result, the porn doesn’t seem as stimulating or arousing.  If you will STOP right here, you can quickly reverse this.  But if you want “another hit” and go looking for the thrill, you’re going to have to delve deeper into more porn, more graphic porn and disturbing patterns of behavior to get the same rush.

Erectile dysfunction is common in men with a pornography addiction for the reasons stated above.  The deeper you go into porn and the more you choose to allow your brain to be re-wired, the less that normal human sexual relations will stimulate you.  There are men who cannot have sex with their wives unless they are looking at porn – while in the act.  They cannot get or keep an erection without a constant, IV-like drip of porn to stimulate themselves.  Imagine the psychological impact to the wife of a man this far in?  It is no wonder that the wives of porn addicts or sex addicts can clinically be diagnosed as having suffered with PTSD.

This problem is showing up in colleges all across America.  Young men at their peaks sexually, when testosterone levels are the highest they’ll ever be in their life, cannot perform sexually.  Go back to the last post and read the stats on porn use among college men and you’ll find out why erectile dysfunction is now rampant among 18-22 year olds.  They have completely rewired their brains and cannot function.  And then, think about how this addiction and overload of porn has altered their perception of women.  Many college age men are now reporting they are completely “unable to have day to day relationships” with women.  They have trained their brain that women are simply objects to have all their needs met – that this is all they are good for – and so when they try to form a relationship with a young women, it is impossible.  I remind you, these are the boys coming to date your daughters.

The good news is that the world is waking up to this.  Psychology Today and other trade/medical journals as well as the national media are rightly giving this crisis much needed attention.  There are multiple websites and forums for college aged boys (and girls) to address their addiction and meet support groups to help them abstain.  One helpful site with tons of material and facts is which includes stats, videos and a blog to address this head on.

The other good news is that you can re-re-wire your brain.  College age men are discovering if they starve their brain of porn for 6-8 weeks, they can see a return of normal sexual responsiveness.  The morning erections return and they can relate to women and start to have relationships.  It isn’t easy.  As Psychology Today says, “It is 100% fixable.  It will likely be one of the most difficult things you’ve ever done.  If you ever want a normal sex life again, you kinda don’t have a choice.” 

Remember, “What you feed grows, what you starve dies”.  If you keep feeding this addiction you have, if you keep rationalizing “I don’t do it all that much” and if you keep worshipping at the feet of this false god, it is only going to grow and eventually it will destroy everything in your life you hold so dear.  There is the SMACK between the eyes.  WAKE UP!!!  This false god, this idol promises you all these good things at the intro and then sucks you in deeper with the intent of destroying you.  Read that again – this idol sucks you in promising you all these good things and then sucks you in with the intent of destroying you.  This kills your heart.  It tells your heart that you are no good, you are worthless and unlovable.  It’s a lie!

Men, you can reclaim your good heart.  You can defeat the enemy through the name of Jesus, the blood of Jesus and the power of the Cross.  If you will starve this addiction and take the needed steps to never go back again, your attraction to this idol will diminish.  Take your heart to Jesus.  Let Jesus speak into those childhood wounds.  Let Jesus Father you.  Let Jesus take the lack of sexual intimacy in your marriage and your desire for “more, more, more” and let Jesus guide you through that towards restoration of what a healthy married sex life can and should look like.  You are not going to be defined by how little you and your wife have sex.  If she has no desire and makes no effort to try to restore her desire, there isn’t much you can do about that except take that to Jesus.  That desire you have to be known and affirmed and validated is never meant to be taken to Eve.  It has always meant to be taken to the LORD.  Take it to Jesus and let Him Father and guide you.  Hear what He has to say to you in all this.

If you have a problem, confess it.  Today.  Right now.  In the name and the blood of Jesus and then, pick up the phone and call someone who can help you.  The first step is admitting you have a problem.  Bring it into the Light.  In the darkness, it is eating you up.  Bring it to the Light, tell a trusted friend, find a strong Christian counselor, go online and sign up for one of the many online accountability/restoration groups is one such source.  Do your part to find your help but the first step is saying “I have a problem”.  Take it to Jesus and let Him father you and get some help.  You’ll feel an enormous sense of relief as you step towards the Father for restoration.

With you in this battle…

stats on pornography

1 in 5 mobile searches are for pornography  (be careful handing  your 10 year old son his own iPhone)

25% of smart phone users admit to having pornographic material stored on their phone.

There have been 2 billion searches for porn on the internet so far this year.

70% of the pay per view content on the internet is pornography.

The sex industry is bigger than CBS/ABC/NBC and FOX combined.

51% of pastors say porn is a possible temptation for them and yet 75% of pastors don’t make themselves accountable to anyone for their internet use.

7 out of 10 lay leaders admit to visiting adult websites at least once a week.

4 out of 10 pastors admit to the same.

50% of Christian men say they are addicted to porn – not that they look at – they are addicted to it.  20% of Christian women are addicted to porn.

9 out of 10 boys have been exposed to porn by age 18 and average age of first exposure is 12.

71% of teens admit hiding online behavior from parents.


Pornography (as we’ll see in coming posts) lures you in with the basics and then when that no longer satisfies, it pulls you into deeper and much darker elements…

15% of boys have seen child pornography while 9% of girls have seen it.

32% of boys have seen bestiality online.  18% of girls have seen it.

39% of boys have seen sexual bondage online.  23% of girls have seen it.

83% of boys have seen group sex online.   57% of girls have seen it.

69% of boys have seen same sex intercourse online.  55% of girls have seen it.

68% of young men use porn at least once a week while 18% of young women use porn at least once a week.

53% of male students first viewed porn at age 12 or younger.  32% of girls started at 12 or younger.

64% of college men spend time online for internet sex at least once a week while 18% of college women do so.


68% of divorces involved one party meeting a new lover over the internet.

56% of divorcees involved one party having an obsessive interest in porn websites.

70% of wives of sex addicts could be diagnosed with PTSD – the impact on them is that severe.

The biggest porn site in the world gets 4.4 billion (that’s Billion with a “B”) page views and 350 million unique visits per month.  10 million visits a day.

12% of all websites or pornographic and 25% of all searches on the web are for porn.


The biggest consumer of porn are boys aged 12-17.

10% of all emails sent – almost 3 billion a day – are porn.

The average teenage boy watches 50 porn clips a week.

1 in 5 men watch porn at work.

Women are sneaking into areas they’ve never ventured.  Be very careful with the upcoming movie 50 Shades of Gray.  Kindles/iPads have enabled women to have privacy to buy sex-charged books.  At one point recently, 4 of the 5 best-selling ebooks on the New York Times best-seller list were sex books targeting women.  The books are all the same – usually a rich man “rescues” a woman in distress with deeply intense, graphic sex that “liberates” her as a woman.  Most of these involve degrading the woman, animalistic sex, bondage, etc.  Housewives rationalize these fantasy books (and the movies and TV shows) as a needed escape for them from life.

Sex trafficking is the unnatural and unholy offshoot of this culture drunk on sex – 27 million adults and 13 million children are victims of human trafficking and 80% of that is for sex.  That’s 35 million souls being sold out to satiate someone’s burning lust and the idolatry of sex.

more to come…                (source: Covenant Eyes)

What’s your god?

In our continuing series on the issue of pornography, this week we dove in deeper and I will break this up into a few posts so we can more easily focus on the key points.  We’ll start with this – “What’s your god?”  OK maybe that’s a harsh question so how about, “What’s your idol?”   You answer this by examining what it is you worship.  You either worship the Creator or you are worshiping something created – even something God created … like sex.

For some men it may be porn, for others, it may just be sex itself.  Still others worship money or success but since we’re on topic, consider this (from Mars Hill Church)…

“Sex as your identity.  Your life is consumed by it.  Your identity is set by it, it becomes a dominating aspect of your being.  Romans 12:1 says, “present your body as a living sacrifice … which is your spiritual worship.”  Worship is what you do with your body.  Have you ever wondered why false religions and cults throughout history have usually had illicit sex, sinful sex as a part of their ritual?  Because what you do with your body is not just physical; it’s deeply spiritual, and you’re offering your body as a sacrifice, either to the glory of God or to worship a false god.

For those of you who are single, hear me in this. I’ve had this conversation many times in many forms, but I’ll give you one example.  A young woman comes up to me after I preach something like this.  She says, “Pastor Mark, I think you’re old school.  I think you’re old fashioned.  I think you’re a little negative.  My boyfriend and I, we’re living together, and we’re sleeping with each other.  We love each other.  We care about one another.  We’re probably going to get married.  We’re not hurting anybody and we’re consenting adults.  What’s the problem?”  Answer: “You’re an idolator.  You’re worshipping a false god.  Your problem goes deeper than sex.  It goes all the way to worship.”

She looked at me very confused – “What are you talking about?  I’m a Christian.”  No, because you had to choose between Jesus and your boyfriend and you chose your boyfriend as the most important man in your life, and you turned your back on Jesus to pursue a relationship with your boyfriend.  And when the two of you are together, it’s not to the glory of God.  That means your bed is a pagan alter, and your boyfriend is a pagan priest, and your body is a living sacrifice.  It’s idolatry, which is the worship of someone or something other than the God of the Bible.

This is what is also said in 1 Corinthians 10:7-8, “Do not be ____”  What’s the word?  “Idolators”.  See we tend to think of idolatry as, “Oh those poor pagan people in those faraway lands.  They set up a statue, and then they give money to it and pay homage to it, and they bow down to it.  And it’s right in the middle of their home, on the mantle, and it dominates their life, and they’ve go that little false god that they all sit around and look at.”  And then they walk into our home, and see porn on the TV and say, “I can’t see the difference.”  Our idol plugs into the wall.

We’re all idolators in varying ways, and idolatry is because we are all worshipers, unceasing worshipers.  We’re passionate people.  We give ourselves away – our time, talent and treasure – to something, to someone, to a cause, to an experience, to a group.  And the question is not, “Are you a worshipper?”  The question is, “Who or what is the object of your worship?”  That’s the question.  And those who don’t worship the God of the Bible, they are idolators.

Sexual immorality is what?  Idolatry.  Romans 1 says “They all exchanged the truth of God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is forever blessed, Amen,”

Hear me on this!  Our world knows nothing about this, and the church is absolutely ignorant about it!  We are all worshipers.  We worship the Creator and enjoy and steward created things, like the human body, and pleasure, and sex; or we worship the created and as a result, we’re idolators.  We either worship the Creator Himself – or  -we worship the created.

Do you know what porn is?  Idolatry.  Do you know what fornication is?  Idolatry.  Do you know what adultery is?  Idolatry.”


So let me ask you the tough question – “What is it for you?  What are you worshiping?”

Is it pornography?  Is that what is on your mind all the time?  Do you turn to it for relief, validation, support, affirmation?  Do you turn to it for comfort?  It’s your god.

Is it sex?  You and your wife are on completely different pages.  She has little to no drive and she is controlling the “when” of the very few times you actually do have sex.  And so you are obsessing over it.  Reading about.  Talking about it.  Holding your lack of sex over her.  It’s on your mind all the time.  You’re convinced it will bring you comfort, stress relief, validation as a man and you’re convinced if you could only have sex 3-4 times a week, you’re life would be fixed.  It’s your god.

This is “Smack you in the face” kind of stuff.  Wake up.  It’s real.

If we turn our back on God and turn to false idols, there will be a cost.  As we’ll see in the next post, some of these false idols promise fulfillment but leave you with enormous collateral damage.

Exodus 20:3-6

“You shall have no other gods before me. “You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. You shall not bow down to them or serve them, for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and the fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing steadfast love to thousands of those who love me and keep my commandments.

Colossians 3:5

Put to death therefore what is earthly in you: sexual immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolatry.

1 John 5:21

Little children, keep yourselves from idols.

Jonah 2:8

Those who pay regard to vain idols forsake their hope of steadfast love.


pornography – dealing with it straight on

Slides from today     ManSchool Pornography 1

A clear obstacle for us becoming a Kingdom Man and to living the “fully alive” life Christ spoke of is pornography.  Last week we talked about shame and the two topics go hand in hand.

And so, this morning we went right after this issue and we didn’t hold back.  For far too long, the church has remained silent on this issue and now it is a crisis.  It is estimated that 18-22 million American men struggle with sexual addiction.  Campus Crusade estimates that 90% of the 40,000 college men involved in Crusade struggle with daily internet pornography.  90%.  This is a crisis.  This is a world at war.  Many of you have high school or college age sons.  Pay attention.  Many of you, like me, have daughters.  Pay attention.  The boys coming to pick your daughter up – more than likely – are drunk on pornography.  Their whole objectifying image of women has been shaped by a lie and the father of all lies.

But we keep this in the dark because pornography and masturbation and sexual addiction just “aren’t things we talk about” and that is precisely why this has become a national epidemic.  When you keep your secrets in the dark, behind the curtain, the secret thrives and gains more power over you.  Shame and condemnation rule over you.  As you will see in the attached video, this man kept his pornography addiction a secret for 30 years and it destroyed his family and nearly took his life.  But praise the LORD, he is being restored.  God has turned a mess into a ministry in his life and he is now going all across the country talking to college students about this issue and raising the awareness of just how dangerous (and yes even deadly) pornography is.

There is so much to unpack with this issue.  Please look at the slides attached as there is so great material in there.  Perhaps most importantly is the principle of What you feed grows.  What you starve dies“.  Think about that.  If you are struggling with sexual addiction and temptation, then sex scenes in movies, the Victoria’s Secret catalog, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and most especially the porn sites are deadly.  You are feeding your addiction, nurturing it, adding fuel to it.  If you starve it, you can kill it off.  If you cut the cable and cut the internet and turn away from temptation, your desire to see it will diminish.  This principle applies to so many areas in our life from budgeting to dieting to exercise – if you feed it, the desire for it grows.  If you will get up off the couch and go walk your neighborhood and if you repeat this process until it becomes a habit, you will begin to see the desire for exercise in you grow.  If you sit there munching on chips instead what will grow is your belly.  It is a true principle in your marriage and your sex life.  If you focus repeatedly on how little sex you and your wife are having and if you’re constantly bringing this up to your wife, the “issue” of no sex will grow.  If you feed it, obsess over it, focus on it and make an idol of it, it will only grow and take up more and more space in your life.

This is the core of the issue – it is making something else an idol or lesser god.  As we turn our backs on God and toward these idols of lust and sex and release, our desire for God fades and our desire for this false god grows and consumes more of us.  This man in the video testifies to it – “It was as if I told God, I want this thing more than I want you and God said, ‘Ok, there you go’ and He took his hands off my life”.

The Bible says, Flee sexual immorality” (1 Corin 6:18) and as Andy Stanley says, “Flee, flee, flee, flee”.  The culture we live in says “Flirt with it”. 

You have a choice to make…

Where are you going to give your devotion?

What are you going to do to protect your family?

What steps are you willing to take – no matter how drastic they may seem to your buddy – to insulate yourself from the culture on this?

And don’t kid yourself, not making a choice is making a choice.  Do you have HBO or Showtime?  Call your cable company and remove them so you won’t be tempted to watch the sex documentaries and nearly x-rated movies.  Throw away the Victoria’s Secret catalog the moment it arrives in your home or even better, ask your wife to do this for you.  If surfing porn is a problem for you, either install the software to monitor your viewing that your wife can check or disconnect from the internet.  Drastic?  You bet!  But the consequences of not doing these things to protect your family are exponentially hundreds of times greater than the inconvenience of not having the internet on your laptop.  How many men have destroyed their marriages, ruined their relationships with their kids (and future grandchildren) because they didn’t want to give up the buzz that porn gave them?  “Oh now, come on, I don’t have it that bad, I don’t surf those sites that often and I don’t do it as much as most men.”  Odds are if you’re rationalizing those thoughts right this second, you have a deep problem.  Today is the day to stop saying “Don’t” and to start saying “Help”.

No shame here.  Today is the day to man-up and declare, “I have a problem and I need help”.  Today is the day you pull this dark secret out of the darkness and expose it to the light so the LORD can start to work to restore and heal you.  You are not alone in this.  50 men sat on Wednesday morning and heard this talk and you could have heard a pin drop.  We’re all in this together.  All of us have sinned in this area and fallen short and many men around you – in church – are struggling with a deep addiction to this stuff.  So don’t let shame stop you from admitting you have a problem, admitting that your addiction has already caused huge problems in your life, already driven a wedge between you and your wife, already caused you to obsess over sex and to see women as an object simply to meet your selfish needs.  It’s OK.  You’ve got a problem.  But if you’ll raise your hand and confess you have a problem and expose it to the light, you can begin the glorious first step towards restoration, healing and getting your heart back to live life fully alive.

NEXT WEDNESDAY – we’re going deeper into this issue.  If you couldn’t make it this week, please join us next Wednesday at 6am.  You won’t be alone.  In future weeks, you’re going to hear other men testify to how they fell into this trap and more importantly, how God has worked in their lives.  This is too important to miss. 


to watch the video from this morning, go to iTunes.  Then “podcasts” and search for Mosaic.  There are a few “Mosaic’s” and you’re looking for the one with a black circle with a Cross in the middle and Mosaic in the center.  click on “video podcasts” and then search for “Rethinking God: God is disappointed in you” from September 14.

As an aside, if you have not seen the “Who told you that you were naked?” episode, I highly recommend it — March 9th’s episode and it ties in directly to today’s message.

Shame is one of the greatest obstacles we face in our quest to be Kingdom Men.  We all carry shame and it is devastating because in carrying it, we are nurturing it.  We aren’t letting it go, aren’t giving it over to God and we are listening to voices that convince us we cannot be accepted by God because of this thing we have in our past that we carry around and maintain.  Remember the lyrics from that song, “I don’t have time to maintain these regrets when I think about the ways He loves us…”

here are the notes from today…

Many of us formed our view of God as small children.  Those that came to know God as adults have a radically different view of God.  If we can just alter our view of God – even by as little as 10% – it can transform our life.

“God just wants to punish me. He keeps track of all my mistakes.  He is spiteful” – these are usually shaped by authority figures in our life – my Dad, Catholic school teachers, Baptist preachers “just a sinner saved by grace”.

The people who taught you “God is judgmental” were judgmental themselves.  We all judge.

God wasn’t keeping track of your mistakes, they were.

God wasn’t judging you for everything you did wrong, they were.

God wasn’t watching everything you did just looking for how you screwed up, they were.

They were communicating to you who God was and we need to change that.

Psalm 103:8-12 “The LORD is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger and full of faithful love.  He will not always accuse us or be angry forever.  He has not dealt with us as our sins deserve or repaid us according to our offenses.  For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is His faithful love toward those who fear Him.  As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us.”

It doesn’t matter how far you’ve drifted from God, He still considers you His baby.  You can’t run away from God’s love.

“God is disappointed in me” might have come from an authority figure – but – it might have come from you.

We carry shame.  I’m harder on myself than anyone else.  We beat ourselves up.

Self-loathing and self-hatred are one of the most common reasons people reject the grace of God.

I’ve done stupid things in my life, things I’d give anything to erase from my past but … I’ve never done anything that was as damaging to my soul as the shame I’ve carried for it.

I have this crazy voice in my life that just keeps fighting for attention and space saying, “You are not enough.  Not enough for them, not enough for her, your life is not enough.”

This is the voice of shame. “You’re not enough because of your mistakes, because of who you were, because of what you did and where you’ve gone, you’re not enough because of what you don’t have or because of what they do have.”

Shame is a heavy burden I project on God because I am disappointed in me and God must be too.

We all carry something we wish we could erase.  How could God want me if I have this thing in my life?

I wish I could go back and get a do-over.  “God just give me a chance to go back in time and do that thing over again so I can avoid that huge mistake.”

And God would say, What mistake?  What are you talking about?  I took those mistakes and cast them as far as the east is from the west remembering them no more.  You can go back in time if you want but they aren’t there.  They’re gone.  You are free.  These aren’t part of your past and they aren’t a part of your future.”

Jesus must be so confused because I keep bringing up things He forgot.  “Why did I die on that cross if you were going to keep dragging it around with you?”

It is time to live in the grace of God and who He says you are and not in the disappointment of who you think you could have been or what you could have done.

My mistakes are the material of God’s grace.  It’s His favorite thing to do.

It’s His favorite thing when I say, “God, I’ve really screwed up” and He says, “Give it to me, this is my favorite thing”

My darkness is the material for His grace and light to shine through.

If you are carrying shame and are hard on yourself, you’re going to be hard on others.  Shame and judgment will carry over to others vs. embracing grace.

It’s a radical shift to extend grace to others and suspend judgment.

Question – “Do I breathe judgment or grace on those closest in my life?”

Try suspending judgment for just one week that those around me will not know disappointment, shame or judgment and instead, they will know I love them and look at them the way God does.

I don’t need to withhold my love and hope they change.

I don’t need to ransom my approval and hope they act differently.

All I need to do is breathe grace on them.

Jim Finley – “Every time we stumble and fall and every time we rise again, God can barely stand the bliss of it.”

I’m done with shame.

Done with my mistakes and my past and I will not be defined by it.

I will allow God to do what God came to do when Jesus said, “Give me all of it”.

Grace was this dangerous thing Jesus introduced to the world.

He doesn’t want you perfect.  Perfect was left on the cross.

He just wants you close and is calling out, pleading … “Stop using your mess-ups and mistakes as an excuse to stay alone and far away from me.  I just want you close”

So this is it men, it is time.  It is time to let it go.  If you have confessed it, repented of it and would give anything to erase it from your past, then it is time.  It is gone.  It is as far away from you as the east is from the west and God has no record of it — so — why do you still carry it?  Freedom, sweet freedom is on the other side of letting it go.  And remember Shannon Etheridge who lived with the shame of her past sexual promiscuity and was beaten down into believing God could do nothing with her.  She felt the nudging to tell her story but feared, “God what will they think of me?” and God told her, “It doesn’t matter.  The only thing that matters is what they think of Me.  How will they know what my long arm of mercy and love can do in a person’s life if you won’t tell them about the depth of the pit from which I rescued you?”  And so, she told her story.  Repeatedly.  And it spread all over the country and became a ministry to women dealing with the sexual junk in their past and the condemnation and shame they feel and as she says, “He took my misery and made it a ministry.”

The same is offered to you.  Bring it out of the darkness where it is eating you alive.  Expose it to the Light.  Share it with a brother in our tribe you can trust or your small group of men.  Get it out of the dark and start taking the steps to let it go so you can step into freedom where God takes a mess and makes it a miracle!

ManSchool tomorrow

Tomorrow morning, we will follow up on Kingdom Man stepping into some of the obstacles we face in our quest to become Kingdom Men.  This is vitally important.

In fact, I want to ask each of you that reads this and especially those of you who attend ManSchool to pray for these next few weeks.  Pray for tomorrow.  We’re going to tackle some very tough things head on.  “We are not of those of shrink back”.   We’re going to start tomorrow with shame and the effect it has on each one of us to deter us from becoming the man God designed us to be.

This will be opposed.

And so, I need you to pray.  Pray for open hearts, open minds and spirits willing to receive.  If just one man unlocks the shackles that tie him down, this will be well worth the effort.  The quest is for freedom to be the kind of man God called you to be and as we embark on our journey to freedom from the bondage, there will be opposition.

Let us unite in our prayers as men for our tribe.  May God come tomorrow and join us in a powerful way as we take another bold step in this quest.

In it with you, my brothers.