ManSchool tomorrow

Tomorrow morning, we will follow up on Kingdom Man stepping into some of the obstacles we face in our quest to become Kingdom Men.  This is vitally important.

In fact, I want to ask each of you that reads this and especially those of you who attend ManSchool to pray for these next few weeks.  Pray for tomorrow.  We’re going to tackle some very tough things head on.  “We are not of those of shrink back”.   We’re going to start tomorrow with shame and the effect it has on each one of us to deter us from becoming the man God designed us to be.

This will be opposed.

And so, I need you to pray.  Pray for open hearts, open minds and spirits willing to receive.  If just one man unlocks the shackles that tie him down, this will be well worth the effort.  The quest is for freedom to be the kind of man God called you to be and as we embark on our journey to freedom from the bondage, there will be opposition.

Let us unite in our prayers as men for our tribe.  May God come tomorrow and join us in a powerful way as we take another bold step in this quest.

In it with you, my brothers.


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