stats on pornography

1 in 5 mobile searches are for pornography  (be careful handing  your 10 year old son his own iPhone)

25% of smart phone users admit to having pornographic material stored on their phone.

There have been 2 billion searches for porn on the internet so far this year.

70% of the pay per view content on the internet is pornography.

The sex industry is bigger than CBS/ABC/NBC and FOX combined.

51% of pastors say porn is a possible temptation for them and yet 75% of pastors don’t make themselves accountable to anyone for their internet use.

7 out of 10 lay leaders admit to visiting adult websites at least once a week.

4 out of 10 pastors admit to the same.

50% of Christian men say they are addicted to porn – not that they look at – they are addicted to it.  20% of Christian women are addicted to porn.

9 out of 10 boys have been exposed to porn by age 18 and average age of first exposure is 12.

71% of teens admit hiding online behavior from parents.


Pornography (as we’ll see in coming posts) lures you in with the basics and then when that no longer satisfies, it pulls you into deeper and much darker elements…

15% of boys have seen child pornography while 9% of girls have seen it.

32% of boys have seen bestiality online.  18% of girls have seen it.

39% of boys have seen sexual bondage online.  23% of girls have seen it.

83% of boys have seen group sex online.   57% of girls have seen it.

69% of boys have seen same sex intercourse online.  55% of girls have seen it.

68% of young men use porn at least once a week while 18% of young women use porn at least once a week.

53% of male students first viewed porn at age 12 or younger.  32% of girls started at 12 or younger.

64% of college men spend time online for internet sex at least once a week while 18% of college women do so.


68% of divorces involved one party meeting a new lover over the internet.

56% of divorcees involved one party having an obsessive interest in porn websites.

70% of wives of sex addicts could be diagnosed with PTSD – the impact on them is that severe.

The biggest porn site in the world gets 4.4 billion (that’s Billion with a “B”) page views and 350 million unique visits per month.  10 million visits a day.

12% of all websites or pornographic and 25% of all searches on the web are for porn.


The biggest consumer of porn are boys aged 12-17.

10% of all emails sent – almost 3 billion a day – are porn.

The average teenage boy watches 50 porn clips a week.

1 in 5 men watch porn at work.

Women are sneaking into areas they’ve never ventured.  Be very careful with the upcoming movie 50 Shades of Gray.  Kindles/iPads have enabled women to have privacy to buy sex-charged books.  At one point recently, 4 of the 5 best-selling ebooks on the New York Times best-seller list were sex books targeting women.  The books are all the same – usually a rich man “rescues” a woman in distress with deeply intense, graphic sex that “liberates” her as a woman.  Most of these involve degrading the woman, animalistic sex, bondage, etc.  Housewives rationalize these fantasy books (and the movies and TV shows) as a needed escape for them from life.

Sex trafficking is the unnatural and unholy offshoot of this culture drunk on sex – 27 million adults and 13 million children are victims of human trafficking and 80% of that is for sex.  That’s 35 million souls being sold out to satiate someone’s burning lust and the idolatry of sex.

more to come…                (source: Covenant Eyes)


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