final ManSchool of the fall is tomorrow

This has been a great but also a very intense fall in ManSchool.  Tony Evans’ Kingdom Man was a great study and I think engaged a number of men who haven’t been in our tribe.  These past few weeks on pornography has been tough and intense and has left many men with much to process.  I hope – even though it’s been tough – that you’ve found these weeks beneficial.  It is our goal to present material to you in a real and very authentic manner and to address, head on, tough issues so that we can equip you for the reality of this life we face as Kingdom Men.

Tomorrow, we wrap it up and we’ll have four men share from their heart their struggle and how God is working in their lives toward restoration.  If you’ve been coming, please make every effort to finish strong and join us in the morning.  I believe it will become a celebration.  Join us.

Humility & Gratitude

Excurvatus Se – a life lived outward


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