What did you hear this morning?

In those men’s testimonies, what did you hear?  What did God reveal?

As you sat there and processed the culmination to this series and as you stood to Hank’s “let the shame fall off” call, what freedom did you find?

Through this entire process, what breakthroughs did you get?


Give me your feedback.  I am going to take those in and then summarize them (names will be excluded) so that all of us can share in what God did during this series.  Just post a comment below.  Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Richard, I heard hope! I have been pretty silent on this issue and indeed missed one week intentionally. I know that I can’t hide regardless and I had previously considered asking one of these men to “disciple” me….I for one prefer father and son in the faith….but after his testimony I grabbed him and asked him to do so.

    This life is full of obstacles and shame and disappointments and it is clear to me that without a mentor, a living example or two and some sounding boards, we will not just fail but will be devoured.

    Hope is what I heard.

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