podcast from today

a few men asked me for a link to the podcast from Mosaic of Hank Fortener talking about shame.

If you have an iPhone, iPod or iPad, go to the “Podcasts” icon on your device.  Or…click on iTunes and it will take you there.

Go to the “search” window and type in Erwin McManus and you will see “Mosaic Audio Podcast” or “Mosaic Video Podcast”, pick which one you want.  All the episodes will appear.  If you click on “feed” it will give you a list of all the podcasts and there are some great ones on there i.e. all the “Uprising” ones are great but for today’s scroll down to “Rethinking God: God is disappointed in you” from September 14.  This is the “shame” talk that we showed a few weeks ago and ended today with.

If you click on the little cloud to the right of this episode, it will download it for you.  Next time you come back there, any podcast you’ve downloaded will be listed.  If you click on “subscribe”, all future podcasts will come to your phone and you can watch/listen to any of them.


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