ManSchool – Wild at Heart

Later in January (date to be determined), we will launch perhaps our most important endeavor – walking through John Eldredge’s book Wild at Heart.  We will take our time and utilize the book, accompanying videos and personal testimonies/teachings from men that have been through the Wild at Heart material and attended the Wild at Heart boot camps.  Wild at Heart is John’s best known book and has had a profound impact on men all across the world.

I have just returned from “Boot Camp Advanced” in Colorado and was blown away by the depth of the teaching and the practical applications of the material.

Truly, truly I say to you, this is one study where you will only get out of it what you’re willing to invest in it.  Remember “what you feed grows”.  I highly encourage you to join us.  I highly encourage you to get the book now and to actually read it (!).  It amazes me how many men will tell me, “I just don’t read books”.  That’s an agreement.  That’s a statement of finality that they’ve made and they are missing so much of what God has to offer through these writers.  I will personally testify that Wild at Heart – of all the books I’ve ever read – has made the biggest impact on me as a man.  Through this book and the boot camps that followed, God woke me up and began a radical transformation in my life.

Many of you have already read the book and might be quick to dismiss this as “Oh, I read Wild at Heart years ago so I don’t need to go through ManSchool.”  Please don’t make that assumption.  If you’ve read the book then you are perhaps ready to read it again and, more importantly, to actively engage in it with a community of men.

Please, please get the book, and please … read it.  Take your time.  Walk through it, don’t rush it.  Read and underline and highlight the parts that speak to you.  The more you dig into the book, the more you’ll get out of it and the more this Winter/Spring ManSchool will mean to you.  Everything we’ve done in ManSchool these past few years has been building to this point, preparing us for the journey into Wild at Heart.

Join us on this quest.


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