ManSchool start and Carver

First, the Carver banquet is set for Saturday February 21st at the Church.  That’s just 6 weeks away!  We need LOTS of men to pitch in to help.  If you’ve done this before, you know what a blessing it is to serve these kids and their families.

I need a SET UP team with about 10 men for Friday night – to break the room down, set up tables, decorations, etc.  This is typically 6pm – 9pm.  KITCHEN team – we need 3-4 men to help Jerome in the kitchen on Saturday.  GRILL team – I need 3-4 men to help Coy Nichols with the grilling.  GREETING team – I need 6-8 men to help Patrick Grant with greeting our guests as they arrive and helping them get to their seats.  SERVING team – we need 10+ men to serve the tables.  It is a buffet but we need men to refill glasses, make sure they have butter, A1 sauce, dessert, etc.  CLEAN UP team – we need 10-15 men to clean the room up when they leave, break it down and rebuild it for the Sunday AM service.  Clean up takes about 2 hours after they leave.  Some men will do two roles i.e. they will help set up and then serve the next day.  Or they will grill and help with the clean up.

If you want to help, please respond on this blog and let me know what role(s) you want to play.  I need a man to volunteer to Quarterback the servers (Phil Staten did it last year) and to Quarterback the clean up (Garrett Dumler did it last year).

ManSchool – we have our date!  ManSchool will start on Wednesday, February 4th at 6am at the church.  We will be going through John Eldredge’s Wild At Heart.  Please order the book and dig into it now and see if God stirs something.  If you want us to order you a copy, please comment below and we’ll have it there for you on February 4th.  You can buy yours ahead of time on for $8.99+ shipping.

We are very excited about Wild at Heart.  In many ways, everything we’ve been doing these past few years leads up to this moment and this book.  God is moving in our midst.  Men are coming alive and LivingOUTWARD (Excurvatus ex Se) and you are hearing testimonies all through our church about what is going on with the men.  If you have never attended ManSchool, THIS is the time to start.  If you are planning on coming, please RSVP by commenting below.

10 thoughts on “ManSchool start and Carver

  1. If there is still room on Kitchen Team I would love to be a part (have lots of experience).

    RSVP Man School. Will get my own copy of book.

  2. I can do Friday night or Saturday.
    Place me where I am needed and let me know.
    I will be in man school and have the book.

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