Is this you?

Do you feel trapped?  Is your world a desktop PC, committee meetings and duty?  Is your world pre-fabricated, modular, non-fat, zip-locked, franchised, online and microwavable?  Does your heart long for adventure?  For wildness, danger and pushing boundaries?  Do you dream of a life without deadlines, cellphones or committee meetings?  Do you dream of a place where there is room for your soul?

Are you trapped?

Are you thinking – who am I?  What am I made of?  What am I destined for?

Eldredge says in Wild at Heart, “Deep in a man’s soul are some fundamental questions that simply cannot be answered at the kitchen table.  It is fear that keeps a man at home where things are neat and orderly and under his control.  But the answers to his deepest questions are not to be found on the television or in the refrigerator.

Your soul longs for passion, for freedom, for life.

As D.H. Lawrence said, “I am not a mechanism.”  A man needs to feel the rhythms of the earth; he needs to have a hand in something real – the tiller of a boat, a set of reins, the roughness of rope, or simply a shovel.  Can a man live all his days to keep his fingernails clean and trim?  Is that what boys dream of?

This is what is coming against us as men – “Some women want a passive man if they want a man at all.  The church wants a tamed man – they are called priests (or deacons or committee members).  Universities want a domesticated man – they are called tenure-tracked.  The corporation wants a sanitized, shallow, hairless man.”  It all comes together as a westward expansion against the masculine soul.  And thus the heart of a man is driven into the high-country, into remote places, like a wounded animal looking for cover.”

Men, you must ask yourself if this resonates with you in any way.  Does it?  Is something stirred within you?  There are about 175 men that follow this blog and frankly, most men don’t really follow it.  In a sense they are checked out and far more interested in  Men in our midst at Christ Community are sleep-walking through life.  Marriages are under assault, pornography rages, our kids are in their rooms on their iPhones and we’re sitting on the sofa thinking about how we’re going to make it to Friday.

Manhood is under assault – especially in the church.

We’re going to go hard after this next Wednesday morning February 4th at 6am in our Wild at Heart study.  Everyone is welcome.  If you’ve never come to ManSchool and any of this tweaked something in you, stirred something, then perhaps God is calling you.  Wives have told me “My husband won’t come because he thinks the crowd is too old” – or – “I want my husband to come but you need to invite him and hold him accountable to coming”THIS is symptomatic of the THE reason we are doing Wild at Heart.

Men, the time for excuses is past.  There are dozens of reasons to not engage in ManSchool and we will assure you the enemy doesn’t want you joining us.  He likes you just where you are.  If you’re ready for something radical, if you’re ready for an awakening as a man of Christ, you really need to pray about committing to joining us and leaving the excuses on the couch.  We’re all in this together.  We’re all under assault but there is a brotherhood of men fighting together for each other on Wednesday mornings.

Will you join us?

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