What kind of man are you?

Honestly, how do you see yourself as a man?  Are words like strong, passionate and dangerous words you would choose?  Do you have the courage to ask those in your life what they think of you as a man?  What words do you fear they would choose to describe you?

Are you Adam?  When Eve reaches for the apple … do you do nothing?  Absolutely nothing?  Do you not say a word, not lift a finger to stop her?  Will you not risk?  Not fight?  Not rescue Eve?  Like our first father Adam, many of us give into fear, give into paralysis.  At our very core, we are soft and passive.  To strike a chord that cringes every man who hears it, many of us have gone limp.

And like Adam, most of us carry deep within our heart this sense of failure and weakness.

To mask that, many of us pose.  We put on this false front, false self and wear that self to do life.  And the truth be told, we’re faking our way through life.  A man who goes around telling his buddies that he’s a cowboy, a maverick and a warrior is, in reality, none of those things.  He’s posing and he sneaks around in life behind this persona in fear, hoping he won’t be discovered for who/what he truly is.

These are some of the costs of a world at war.  Your manhood is under assault on nearly every front.

There is moreSo much more for you as a man.  There is a battle to fight.  There is an authentic adventure to live and yes, there is a beauty to rescue.

Will you join us next Wednesday at 6am and will you commit to staying with us through the entirety of our walk through Wild at Heart?  If you will commit to invest the time and dig into this, I don’t think your life will ever be the same.  It’s right here in front of you.  Yours for the taking.  But you have to commit and invest.  No one is going to do it for you.  Its UP to you.

Will you?  If so, please comment below.


5 thoughts on “What kind of man are you?

  1. I am in Cobb Well star hospital. My daughter in law had a forth baby three week ago. She is right now in a fight for her life. She is 32 with 4 children. The doctors can’t find what is wrong, they have given her 5 units of blood and she keeps losing it and they have not figured it out. We only have seven units
    Asking for prayer.

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