What man is looking for

Eldredge poses this question – “If man is the image of the Lion of Judah, how come there are so many lonely women and fatherless children, so few men around?”

There is a problem in nature right now with a rapid decline in the honey bee population. It has researchers concerned for the long-term implications of crop production. As bee hives die in shocking numbers, plants are not being pollinated. The problem dates back to 2006 when bee keepers first reported a troubling phenomenon known as “Colony collapse disorder”. Adult male bees were simply vanishing from the hives, leaving behind the younger bees, the queen and the honey.  The implications for the global food supply could end up being apocalyptic.

Could this also be an analogy for the American household? Men are disappearing, shrinking back and checking out, leaving their kids and wives alone to fend for themselves.

John continues – “How come when men look in their hearts they don’t discover something valiant and dangerous, but instead find anger, lust and fear?  Most of the time I feel more fearful than fierce.  Why is that?  Thoreau wrote, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”  As the line from Bravehart has it, “All men die; few men ever really live.”  And so most women now lead lives of quiet resignation, having given up on their hope for a true man.”

Hits close to home?  Are you tired of posts like these?

There is hope.  There is more … so much more that is available to us as men.  Your heart was made for so much more than this world is offering.  So much more than the cheap imitations of the posing, the weekends on the golf course, the escape of TV sports, pornography, day trading stocks or gambling.

In all of these things, man is an impostor, not a real man and he fears he will be eventually discovered.  No, you bear the image of the One, true God.  You were made in His strength, no so much physically but soulfully.

You and I chase these false gods because we are after something.  We turn to pornography because we long for beauty, we long to validated as a man and crap, sometimes we want to just feel like a man.  Porn offers us that in a quick fix.  But it is a very cheap and a very dangerous substitute for the real thing.  The hunting/golf/gambling/risk taking in business is driven by something far deeper written on your soul.

We men are all looking for the same thing in all of this – we are looking for God.  God gave you this heart for beauty, this craving to be a true man, this spirit of adventure, this deep-down desire to rescue your woman, this calling to stand up and fight for what is right.  In all of these desires, you are in reality looking for God.  The very good news is that He is actively looking for you and seeks to father you.

Our desire has been painfully distorted, perverted and twisted into some pretty dark ways.  It is the “fall”.  But, there is hope.  This Wednesday, we are going to journey into Wild at Heart as a tribe, as a band of brothers.  We aren’t going to rush this.  We are going to go deep into it and see what God is trying to say to us men – where many of us fine ourselves buried in a dense, dense fog bank.  Jesus came to seek what was lost and to set the captives free.  If authentic manhood seems lost on you or if you feel trapped or in a prison of your own making or if you’re “good” but just feeling a bit foggy, you should join us.

The exciting thing is that this journey could be the start to a radically new life.

Don’t you want more?


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