Excurvatus ex Se – a life lived outward

LiveUp outward

Reminder – ManSchool is this Wednesday morning at 6am.  Biscuits and coffee will be provided.

We want to consecrate this time.  We are – for many of us – going to be pushing into some epic new frontiers with this study.  We want to bring these new frontiers under the realm and the rule of the Kingdom of Jesus.  We present it to Jesus under His loving rule.  “Lord Jesus take us through this.  Guide us.”  We do this so that His protection and blessing can flow through this series.

Men if you are joining us for Wild at Heart, you need to prepare yourself.  As we’ve said, your life may never be the same.  This will be opposed.  So I ask you to begin to pray a consecration over this entire series – not for your sake but for the sake of the other men.  Let’s agree to be selfless warriors for the guys sitting on either side of us.

Our whole push last semester and again with Wild at Heart is to learn “Excurvatus ex Se” – a life lived outward.  So many of us live inwardly focused – “just help me make it to Friday”.  But the call and quest we’ve been on for the past few years as a tribe is to learn to live life outward for the benefit and blessing of others.  This is what Wild at Heart is all about .  It is about reclaiming your lost identity as a man, about rediscovering what it means to be Fathered by God, reclaiming your love of adventure, the pursuit of your Eve and fighting for the hearts of your children.  It is also about stepping into battle and the realization that there is a vast story underway and you have a role to play.

To remind us of this call, we have new LiveUP bumper stickers to give away.  We will have 20 copies of Wild at Heart there on Wednesday morning.  If you want a book, please bring $10.  If we need, more, we’ll have them by the following week.  If you already have the book, please read chapter one.  Read it slowly.  Underline what speaks to you.  Before you read it, consecrate the time.  Invite the Lord into the quiet and ask Him to speak to your heart through this first chapter.  We’ll spend a few weeks on chapter one so you have plenty of time but if you have the book, go ahead and start.

One more thing – I encourage you to buy a journal or a small note book of some kind and bring it (and a pen) every week to ManSchool.  You are going to be hearing some amazing stuff and trust us, you’re going to want to be taking notes.

We’ll see you Wednesday.  LiveUP.  LiveOUTWARD.



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