a comment from one of us…

Jeremy Bond sent this to me a few minutes ago and I wanted to share it…


“I wanted to say THANK YOU.  I have already read the first chapter of Wild at Heart and was SO MOVED.  I picked up a couple of LiveUP stickers and decided to put one right where I can see it on my laptop so whenever I am tempted to look at something I shouldn’t be, LiveUP is in fully view.”

Beautiful.  Thank you Jeremy and guys, PLEASE read the first Chapter of Wild at Heart.  Read it slowly.  Digest it.  Ask the Lord to speak to your heart in your reading. Underline the parts that are meaningful to you.  Jot notes in the margin.  Grab a journal and go ahead and start putting into writing what you’re hearing God say. Actually, writing down these things will greatly help clarify your thinking. There is great power in using a journal.

See you next Wednesday and yes, LiveUP!


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